Adjustable Standing Desks

Enable a more active workspace where you can stand, sit, lean and stretch naturally, while easily adjusting your desk height. A standing desk puts a new spin on office furniture. Don't feel trapped by your work environment any longer - stand up & move with a Desky height adjustable stand up desk!

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Sit Stand Desks

Desky Single Sit Stand Desk

172 reviews
A$599.00 - A$729.00

Desky Dual Melamine Sit Stand Desk

158 reviews
A$875.00 - A$979.00

Desky Dual Scalloped Melamine Sit Stand Desk

22 reviews
A$935.00 - A$1,039.00

Desky Dual Bamboo Sit Stand Desk

94 reviews
A$899.00 - A$1,099.00

Desky Dual Ergo Edge Sit Stand Desk

129 reviews
A$829.00 - A$999.00

Desky Dual Designer Ply Sit Stand Desk

1 review
A$949.00 - A$1,199.00

Desky Dual Rubberwood Sit Stand Desk

50 reviews
A$1,029.00 - A$1,199.00

Desky Dual Softwood Sit Stand Desk

27 reviews
A$1,029.00 - A$1,299.00

Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk

33 reviews
A$1,199.00 - A$2,399.00

Desky L-Shape Melamine Sit Stand Desk

28 reviews
A$1,549.00 - A$1,749.00

Desky Dual 120 Adjustable Standing Desk

1 review
A$1,095.00 - A$2,999.00

Desky Dual Mini Sit Stand Desk

13 reviews
A$845.00 - A$890.00

Desky Fixed Office Side Table

A$399.00 - A$849.00
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