Computer Desk Mounts

Mounting your pc to the underside of your desk frees up desk space and keeps all your cables neat and tidy. Bother our tower mounts and laptop mounts offer great accessibility to your setup by keeping the things you need within arms reach. Our computer mounts are made to be universal and fit a wide spectrum of device sizes  so you're sure to find a pc desk mount or laptop mount that meets your needs.

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Desky Universal Laptop Mount
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Desky Universal Laptop Mount
Suitable for all laptops If you enjoy portability from home to the office, having an easy location to place your laptop is easy. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your wellbeing though. The Desky Universal Laptop mount can be fitted to any arm with a VESA fitting. Meaning wherever there's...
Desky Fixed CPU Mount
Desky Fixed CPU Mount
Desky Fixed CPU Mount Keeping your CPU secure is double important on a sit-stand desk. The CPU is the heaviest and most important part of your setup. So keeping it in place and free from damage when raising or lowering the desk is clearly important too. The Desky Fixed CPU...
Desky Strap-On CPU Mount
Desky Strap-On CPU Mount
Desky Strap-On CPU Mount The first dilemma we face when setting up a new sit stand desk is where do you put the CPU? If you use a standard desktop PC, you might be thinking that the name is slightly outdated. Although our desks and frames will undoubtedly carry the...
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