Height Adjustable
Desk Frames

Customise your adjustable standing desk by using our desk frame & your desktop. Get the industry leading weight capacity & height range,

along with our premium control panel. Add on our cable management tray to complete your build. Custom office furniture redefined.

Our dual electric height adjustable desk frame is backed by our 10 year warranty. Turn your home office into the workspace of your dreams.

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Sit Stand Desk Frames

Desky Single Sit Stand Desk Frame
7 reviews
Desky Single Sit Stand Desk Frame
Lift your current Desktop Up & Down The Desky Single Frame allows you to retrofit your desk to give it sit stand capability. For those on a budget or if you’re just very fond of your old desktop, this is a great option. Allowing you to enjoy all the benefits...
Desky Dual Sit Stand Desk Frame
6 reviews
Desky Dual Sit Stand Desk Frame
The Perfect Frame for Your Current Desktop Finding the perfect desk to fit your design scheme isn’t always easy. So, if you’ve already found your perfect desktop, you might feel you’re stuck with a static desk. But if you’re having back or neck problems, you might need a change. And...
Desky Sit Stand L-Shape Desk Frame
Desky Sit Stand L-Shape Desk Frame
Our Desky L-Shaped Frame for your Favourite Desktop If you already own an L shaped desk, you don’t need us to sell you the benefits. You’ve already benefited from the extra space and enjoyed the lack of clutter. And you know how valuable having the correct set up is. Which...
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