Compact Desks
For Small Spaces

If you're working from home and short on space or just can't find the right sized desk for your new study nook don't fret! The Desky compact series of desks for small spaces can help add movement and flow to your workday no matter the size of your work space!

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Desky Dual Mini Sit Stand Desk
2 reviews
A$845.00 - A$890.00
Desky Single Sit Stand Desk
77 reviews
A$549.00 - A$679.00
Desky Dual Rubberwood Sit Stand Desk
30 reviews
A$1,029.00 - A$1,199.00
Desky Dual Softwood Sit Stand Desk
4 reviews
A$1,029.00 - A$1,299.00
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