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  • Desky Clear Chair Mat - Desky
  • Desky Clear Chair Mat - Desky
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  • Desky Clear Chair Mat - Desky
  • Desky Clear Chair Mat - Desky

Desky Clear Chair Mat


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Desky Clear Chair Mat - Desky
Desky Clear Chair Mat

matte surface chair mat
Matte Surface avoid scratches
matte surface chair mat
Water Resistant prevent spills
ant slip chair mat
Anti Slip to stop harm
flat design chair mat
Flat Designanti-curling

Desky Clear Chair Mat

The Desky Clear Chair Mat is a lightweight, super tough plastic chair mat, strong and versatile enough to protect your flooring or carpet from all kinds of damage. Not to mention the wear that can be caused by office chairs and their caster wheels over time. Made from translucent PVC, the discrete over floor coverage it provides helps you to maintain the aesthetic of your space whilst protecting your floor.

Designed to sit snugly on carpet with minimal movement, even when rolling a chair on or off. We recommend using chair mats with carpet floors that are up to 6mm with underlay. This product is delivered rolled up and will have a slight curve when first opened. To flatten, unroll the mat and place it into the desired space. Add weight if necessary to flatten.

Designed to offer UV protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're actively preventing sun damage to your flooring. We recommend using chair mats with carpet floors that are up to 6mm with underlay.

office chair mat

Smooth Gliding

Spill Protection

Heavy Duty PVC

Grippy Textured Surface


Smooth Glidinghelps grip both carpets and hard floors, keeping you stable while you work and wheel your chair.

Spillage Protection: provided by completely water resistant PVC.

Heavy Duty PVC protects your floors from damage and ‘craters’ caused by caster wheels.

Grippy Surfaceto help prevent trips and slips.

Protect Your Floors And Retain Your Style

Translucent PVC allows you to keep your floor or carpet safe from damage and wear, without compromising your style - as you’ll be able to see what lies beneath through the mat. Super discrete and designed to go unnoticed, you’ll only know it’s there because of the smooth action of your chair.

chair mat shape

chair mat dimpled

Easy Rolling, On and Off

The perfectly smooth surface of the mat is designed for easy rolling, helping you avoid snagging on carpet or sliding on hardfloor. Shaped edges ensure you can easily roll your chair on and off the mat when needed, and help any passers by avoid tripping on the edge of the mat.



Dimensions 1200mm x 900mm x 2mm
Net Weight 2.6kg

Material PVC
Colour Transparent

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the mat on wooden floors?

Our mat is perfect for wooden or laminate floors, as it has no pointed protrusions or spikes that could scratch the surface.

Why do you need a floor mat?

You need a floormat to help to protect your carpet, laminate or hardwood floor from scratches and wear. Our translucent mat is designed to protect your floors without significantly altering the look of your office or workspace.

Will my chair roll off on and off of the mat?

Your chair will roll on and off the mat easily - bevelled edges on the top side guarantee it. 

So you can move with confidence, and keep your floor free from damage.

Will a floor mat stop my floor getting marked and scuffed?

Yes, floor mats are designed to protect your floor from harm. The PVC cushions the impact of the caster wheels, preventing dents, scratches and scuffs, without impeding your ability to roll the chair where you need it.