Corner Standing Desks

Need an adjustable corner standing desk that offers you world-class stability but with even more space? The Desky L-Shaped corner desk range has all the space you could ever need no matter how busy your workspace! Improve your productivity with adjustable desk heights to get you out of your chair while staying on task.

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Desky L-Shape Melamine Sit Stand Desk
9 reviews
A$1,549.00 - A$1,749.00
Desky L-Shape Melamine Sit Stand Desk
Our Custom L-Shape Melamine Sit Stand Desk Need an adjustable desk that offers you world-beating stability ... but with even more space? The Desky L-Shape Custom Melamine Sit Stand Desk has all the great features of our sit stand frame. The difference is it allows for an entire extra work...
Desky Sit Stand L-Shape Desk Frame
1 review
Desky Sit Stand L-Shape Desk Frame
Our Desky L-Shaped Frame for your Favourite Desktop If you already own an L shaped desk, you don’t need us to sell you the benefits. You’ve already benefited from the extra space and enjoyed the lack of clutter. And you know how valuable having the correct set up is. Which...
Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk
1 review
Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk
Get in the Game with the Desky Sigma Gaming Desk The Sigma L-Shape takes all the tech from our market-leading sit-stand desks and applies it to gaming. What does that mean exactly? World-beating stability first. Built on our ultra-stable sit-stand frame, it can cope with the most complete set up...
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Are L shaped desks any good?

L shaped desks are great if you want to maximize your workspace; all your bits and pieces are within arm’s length due to the extra surface area. Collaboration is easier since you can share the workspace. You need a corner desk or L shaped desk if you want to open up the room, giving a greater feeling of spaciousness. Take a look at our Desk Buying Guide if you’d like to pick the perfect desk for your office.

What is the best L shaped desk?

The best L shaped desk will include the following:
  • Greater than average surface area
  • Superior stability
  • Smooth height adjustment
  • Pre-programmable sit stand settings
  • Sufficient lifting capacity
  • Allow for accessories such as cable management systems and under-desk drawers

Are L shaped desks suitable for gaming purposes?

With enough space for two or three monitors, L shaped desks allow you to fill your perspective and create a fully immersive experience. You can fit your PC tower and still have space for non-gaming tasks. And don’t forget the extra storage space underneath the huge desktop. On Desky’s Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk, for example, there’s also plenty of space for two gaming setups.

Is a corner desk worth it?

An L-shaped desk wraps around you in the corner – a definite ergonomic advantage; you can improve productivity without getting out of your chair. It also offers more scope for future extensions and changes since it has two sections. If you regularly go from laptop to writing or drawing, you can do this seamlessly, no need to move your stuff, just swivel.

Where should my corner desk be placed?

Your L shaped desk makes the perfect corner desk; it takes up less space, doesn’t dominate the room and the walls stop things falling down the back. However, if you have enough space, be creative, place it facing into the room in a V-shape. Placing it perpendicular to the walls means you can have easy-to-reach shelving.

Try our Home Office Setup Guide if you need help positioning your corner desk.