Mesh Ergonomic Chairs

Save your back and keep cool with our premium quality mesh office chairs. When you do need to sit, do it in comfort with highly adjustable arm and back rests, lumbar support and a multitude of tilts and turns to ensure you're situated in the most ergonomic position possible while at your desk.

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Desky Ace Ergonomic Chair

A$449.00 - A$499.00

Desky Elite Ergonomic Chair

A$449.00 - A$499.00

Desky Pro Ergonomic Chair

A$549.00 - A$599.00

Desky Hartley Task Chair

$257.00 $327.00

Desky Ergo Task Chair

1 review
$387.00 $517.00

Desky Small Mesh Chair

A$189.00 - A$249.00

Desky Chair Mat

4 reviews
A$89.00 - A$109.00
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