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Working from home? Feel healthy, reduce back pain and boost productivity with our electric height adjustable standing desk range. Create the perfect home office.

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Who we are?

Desky has innovated our way to the forefront of the standing desk movement, helping people energise their work environment by making movement easy. Our dedication to quality and reliability is unmatched - Our first sit stand desks are still on display and used to this day! We work with numerous local and internationally sourced components to build a bespoke office space experience.

All Desky stand up desks & accessories are designed with the user in mind to ensure an easier work-flow throughout the day while also creating a working environment that resonates with your inspiration of a dream office.

We work with award winning desktop manufacturers locally to provide a range of work surface options to satisfy your requirements. Our furniture experts are waiting to help with any questions you may have about creating your dream work station.

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Accessories that matter

The perfect pairing of your sit stand desk and matching high quality accessories can further improve your productivity to keep you flowing through the day.

Our accessories are designed to mesh and work together to gain more from your Desky, keeping you active and on task.

From under desk keyboard trays that enable you to keep your wrists straight, to monitor arms and risers that optimise your screen position - Everything you need for comfort without compromise.

Add electrical outlets to keep power at your fingertips. Organise with a range of storage and cable management options and keep private with desk mounted privacy panels and more.

All the solutions to get the most from your workspace.

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The old way of sitting all day sucks.
This is the Desky high productivity way.

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Bespoke Selection
We specialise in minimalist and highly productive office furniture with a niche range of speciality products.
assembling a desktop
Easy to Assemble
We believe that no sit stand desk or accessory should create headaches during assembly, so we've simplified designs to reduce assembly time. Easy!
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Bespoke Accessories
We pride ourselves on accessories to further compliment your work flow. Making your day easier and more productive.
customer support
Easy Support
We operate 24/7 Customer support here in Australia to help with any questions before, during and after your Desky purchase.
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