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  • Rubber chair caster wheels
  • Universal rubber chair wheels
  • rubber roller chair wheels
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  • Rubber chair caster wheels
  • Universal rubber chair wheels
  • rubber roller chair wheels
  • set of rubber chair wheels

Desky Office Chair Caster Wheels

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Rubber chair caster wheels
Desky Office Chair Caster Wheels

Anti-Scratch rubber casters
Suits allDesky chairs & more
Supports Weight up to 295kg
Protect your hardwood floors

Desky 3 Inch Rubber Caster Wheel

Our Desky 3 inch rubber caster wheels have been specifically engineered for use on office chairs. These wheels are built to last, with exceptional durability that allows them to comfortably support weights of up to 295kg.

One of the standout features of these caster wheels is their polyurethane rubber construction. This material not only adds to their longevity, but also provides excellent protection for your floors. With these wheels in place, you can move your chair effortlessly without worrying about any unsightly damage to your flooring. Gone are the days of needing a chair mat to shield your floors from marks and scratches.

In addition to their impressive strength and floor protection capabilities, these caster wheels offer smooth and seamless mobility. The high-quality rubber ensures a quiet and frictionless glide, allowing you to effortlessly maneuver your office chair across various surfaces. Whether you need to move from one end of the room to the other or simply adjust your position at your desk, these wheels will make the task a breeze.

rubber chair wheels


Protect your floors

High-quality materials

Work in silence


High-quality materials: Our Desky 3 inch rubber caster wheels are constructed using high-quality steel, precise ball bearings, and resilient polyurethane. These chair casters are capable of accommodating weights of up to 295kg.

Carefree & safe glide: You can glide effortlessly and safely across various types of floors, without worrying about scratches, smudges, or damage to your floors.

Work in Silence: Experience complete silence as you effortlessly slide and glide with our rubber castor wheels.

Compatibility: You can be confident that our office chair casters are suitable for use with nearly all types of rolling chairs.

Premium Quality Construction

The Desky 3 inch rubber caster wheels are expertly crafted with top-notch materials, including durable steel, precise ball bearings, and resilient polyurethane. These chair casters are designed to handle heavy loads, with a maximum weight capacity of up to 295kg. The high-quality steel construction ensures long-lasting performance and stability, while the precise ball bearings allow for smooth and effortless movement.

Additionally, the resilient polyurethane material provides excellent shock absorption and noise reduction, making these caster wheels ideal for a variety of environments. Whether you're using them for office chairs, furniture, or other equipment, you can trust the Desky 3 inch rubber caster wheels to deliver exceptional durability and functionality.

rubber chair wheels




Material Steel, Polyurethane (PU)
Surface Finish Powder Coated Black Steel, Clear PU wheels
Dimensions 116 x 76 x 37mm
Weight Capacity 295kg

Wheel Diameter 76mm
Stem Size Ø10.9mmx22mm
Compatibility Fits Desky's chair range (not compatible with the Luminous chair or the Adjustable High back Mesh Chair)
Quantity (Pcs/ Set) 5

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these wheels for?

These wheels are designed to replace the existing casters on your office chair.

Will they damage my floors?

No, the special rubber material protects your floors from scratches and marks.

Are they noisy?

No, the high-quality rubber ensures quiet and smooth rolling.

How much weight can they hold?

These wheels are very strong and can support up to 295kg.

How easy are they to roll?

The wheels roll effortlessly thanks to the smooth rubber and precise bearings.

Will they fit my chair?

We cannot guarantee they'll fit all chairs.  Before purchasing, check the size and stem type of your existing casters to ensure they match the Desky wheels' specifications, which should be available online or from the seller.