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  • Desky Sit Stand Motion Stool Black - Desky
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  • Desky Sit Stand Motion Stool Black - Desky
  • Sit stand motion stool white
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Desky Sit Stand Motion Stool


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Desky Sit Stand Motion Stool Black - Desky
Desky Sit Stand Motion Stool

Height Range 35 - 60cm
Durable Fabricupholstery
ergonomic stool adjustable
Ergonomic moving base
Capacity up to 100kg

Ergonomic Stool Made For Standing Desks

Introducing the Desky Sit Stand Motion Stool. Weighing just 6kg, this lightweight motion stool adapts to your changing needs. Whether you're sitting down for a long meeting or standing up to see what new project is brewing in the break room, this compact and modern piece of furniture could be just what you (and your back) need!

Let's face it, sitting down all day wreaks havoc on your backside. But the good news is you now have a solution which compliments your standing desk setup. By activating your core the sit stand motion stool  helps reduce backache associated with hours of sitting, while the adjustable height range ensures your perched a comfortable, supportive level. 

The durable fabric upholstery offers a comfortable cushion, easy maintenance and quick cleanup - perfect for any fast paced environment. With ergonomic movement and max weight of 100kg, adjusting is as simple as pressing one button.

The gas powered air lift mechanism means when you need to lower your desk, the stool will follow at the flick of a button. Do your bum a favour and order your Desky Sit Stand Motion stools now, a more productive, pain free workday awaits!

adjustable ergonomic stools
Easily Adjust Height
Dynamic movement
Relieve Foot Pressure
Relieves Sedentary Pressure

Sit-Stands Perfect Match

Ergonomic Position: Easily move up and down to gain your perfect position, ensuring correct posture while standing or sitting. Quality ergonomic chairs and stools for your office!

Easily Adjust: Simply press the button at the base for a quick release to adjust the height up and down.

Rubber Base: Move and find your perfect angle for both your core and back posture with ease using the rubber base for carpet or hard floor surfaces. 

Sit and Stand: Seamlessly transition between sitting and standing to perfectly compliment your Desky Desk.

Expanded Range For Sitting and Standing

Low enough for you to sit, and raising high enough to perch or lean while standing, our motion stool provides active support at all heights. Maximise the gains from your sit stand desk by encouraging motion at whatever height, engaging the core and working your leg muscles.

Comfort alone can do wonders for productivity, allowing you to focus fully on the task at hand without niggles or distractions. And comfort is one thing our stool provides in abundance - but that’s not all. Keeping active during the workday is essential to boost blood flow and energy levels, and the imperceptible movements encouraged by the motion stool do just that.

chair mat shape



Height Range 350-600mm
Weight Capacity 100kg

Cushion Diameter 320mm
Stool Weight 6kg