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  • manual updown desk
  • hand operated standing desk
  • manual stand up desk white
  • manual height adjustable desk
  • hand crank operated desk
  • wind up desk height adjustable
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  • standing workstation manual operation
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  • manual height adjustable desk
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  • manual updown desk
  • hand operated standing desk
  • manual stand up desk white
  • manual height adjustable desk
  • hand crank operated desk
  • wind up desk height adjustable
  • stand up desk no motor
  • standing workstation manual operation
  • manual adjustable sit stand desk
  • manual height adjustable desk

Desky Zero Manual Sit Stand Desk


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manual updown desk
Desky Zero Manual Sit Stand Desk

total height
Height Range of 70-117cm
max weight
Weight Capacity of up to 40kg
crank activated
Crank Activated adjusts height
no power required
No Electricity Required

Our Manually Adjustable Zero Sit Stand Desk

If you are working from home, there is a great temptation to slump on the sofa with your laptop on your lap or wheel your office chair from desk to fridge to coffee maker to desk. Sitting all day at a desk which you cannot adjust to suit you, leads to back and neck pain, eye strain and stiff wrists.

We have all heard that standing desks are better for us; allowing you to adjust your body regularly, have your screen at eye level and burn more calories while you work. Until now, the relative novelty of sit-stand desks means they come with a hefty price tag. But our manual sit-stand desks are affordable without compromising on quality.

The desk frame is robust due to its welded crossbar, and levelling feet make it suitable for any flooring. Offering both stability and style, it is finished off with a high grade contemporary black wood desktop.

The manual crank allows for precision height adjustment, so you can choose to move smoothly between a sitting or a standing desk, and stows away neatly in a side storage slot, giving a clean, contemporary look to any home office.

3 year warranty

3 Year Warranty on all parts

reinforced crossbar

Reinforced crossbar design for stability

stable desk

Leading strength and durability


Leading stability and strength

Desky Affordable Zero Lifting System

Ergonomic Sit & Stand Heights: Lifting heights have been designed to provide a seated and standing height range that is ergonomically suited for 70% of all user heights.  Minimum height (74cm) allows a seated position with both feet firmly on the ground and the maximum height (117cm) we don't recommend for users under 170cm but does provide a comfortable standing position for users over 195cm. For users outside this bracket, check out our full height adjustable desks range.

Crank Based Movement: Provides ease of vertical movement allowing for fast and smooth adjustments

Desky Solid Frame Design: Reinforced Crossbar offers additional support to ensure leading minimal movement while operating. 

Constant Lift Speed: Even when loaded, the desk moves smoothly to ensure no jolts while making adjustments. 

Large Eco-Friendly & Ergonomic Desktop

Our Zero Manual Particle Board features heavy-duty and moisture resistance. With market leading thickness, at 18mm, your desktop can handle your daily use and last years of daily use.

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Desk Specifications

Height Range 700 - 1170mmm (without desktop)
Gross Weight Capacity 40kg
Frame Material Steel

Feature Specifications

Colours White, Black
Reinforced Crossbar Yes
Height Adjustment Mechanism Crank Handle
manual standing desk diagram

Desk Top Specifications

Core Material MDF (Particle Board)
Finish Melamine Decorative Surface
Colours White, Black
Desktop Size 1400 x 600 mm
Desktop Thickness 18mm
Custom Sizes Not available, contact us for custom options

Frequently Asked Questions

How many motors are in this desk frame?

The DESKY Zero Manual Sit Stand Desk has NO electric motors and uses a convenient manual hand crank to raise and lower the desk so you get all the benefits of a sit stand desk without the need for electricity.  The desk has a lifting capacity of 40kg and a height range of 70-113cm. 

How does the desk adjust from sitting to standing?

Unlike our electronic height adjustable desks, there is no electronic controller and buttons to adjust the desks height. The desk height is controlled by an easy to use manual hand crank that winds to raise or lower the height of the desk.

Is the hand crank hard to turn when the desk is loaded with weight?

No, even when fully loaded the hand crank will raise or lower the desk with ease. 

Can I order a custom size/colour desktop other than white or black?

The DESKY Zero Manual sit stand desk is only available with a white or black desktop and one desktop size, 140cm x 60cm.

Are there any colour options for this frame?

Yes, we offer this frame in 2 colours: white and black. Each frame comes with a matching colour desktop.

Are there pre-drilled holes in the desktop to help with assembly?

Yes, the desktop come with threaded screw inserts for easy assembly of the desktop to your desk frame with the included screws.  You do not need a power drill or tools, simply just a Phillips head screwdriver and the included hex keys. 

How long does it take to assemble?

Assembly will take as little as 20 minutes and the desktop comes threaded screw inserts to make assembly as quick as possible without needing any power tools.  For detailed, step by step instructions please watch the assembly video and refer to the instruction manual included.

I need a cable hole in the desktop for cable access, can you do this?

We do not offer this as an option for the DESKY Zero Manual Sit Stand Desks like we do with our range of electric sit stand desks.