Is it worth getting a dual monitor setup?

Productivity, convenience, and efficiency are often the main focus for professionals and gamers alike.

Could a dual monitor setup unlock these features in your digital engagement? Let's unveil the true value of dual monitors!

Do you really need a dual monitor setup?

Having the capacity to simultaneously view and interact with two digital documents magnifies efficiency and productivity. In a dual monitor setup, two screens side-by-side can expedite tasks needing comparative analysis or simultaneous interaction, which gets overwhelming on a single screen.

However, bear in mind that dual monitors might require more desk space. We still highly recommend trying out this versatile workspace layout, as the benefits significantly outweigh the physical constraints.

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Are dual monitors worth it?

A dual monitor setup enhances your multitasking capabilities. Think of it as having a surplus of screen real estate. This allows gamers to delve into play on one screen, while supplemental contents like game walkthroughs or chats are readily available on the parallel monitor.

Additionally, casual users can enjoy video watching or web browsing on one side while keeping their work visible on the other. Truly, no screen will go to waste! 

What are the disadvantages of dual monitors?

As hinted above, desk space can be a concern when embracing a dual monitor setup. There may be an initial struggle with redesigning your workstation layout to accommodate these two screens.

However, the boost in productivity is a reward worth taking the plunge for. More so, given the ergonomic dual monitor stands available in Australia today, space can be managed more effectively.

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Is it better to have two monitors or one big one?

For those who find joy in expansive visuals, a large, single monitor can be enticing. However, for us at Desky, our inclination leans towards the functionality of having two monitors. Gamers, for instance, can game on one screen, while viewing supportive content like game tips on the other.

Similarly, in the professional scenario, it assists in managing tasks like presentations or video calls on one and having a separate working space on the other. A two-monitor setup extends versatility and ease for multitasking.


As per our insights, dual monitors present an ample advantage over single screen setups, fostering better multitasking, comparability, and overall user engagement.

The need for more desk space might arise but ergonomic solutions can mitigate this limitation effectively. In essence, a dual monitor setup transforms digital interaction into a more seamless and productive experience.

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