Can all monitors be turned vertically?

Exploring the realms of workspace ergonomics, a frequently asked question that always piques our interest is, "Can all monitors be turned vertically?"

Let's delve deep into uncovering important aspects of maneuverability that different panels offer, working towards a comprehensive view of the best adjustable monitor arm choices and monitor adjustment.

Can I Turn Any Monitor into a Vertical Monitor?

Monitors come equipped with different kinds of panels, each offering varying levels of adaptability. IPS and VA panels, for instance, offer enough flexibility for vertical positioning.

Common monitors, on the other hand, may require the additional support of an aftermarket stand allowing rotation. Vertical-oriented setups supported by Desky Eco Vertical Monitor Mounts are a common sight in many professional workspaces in Australia.

Can All Monitors Be Placed Vertically?

Technically, any monitor flaunting a 100x100mm VESA mount could be arranged vertically with the right equipment. An external add-on such as a third-party stand or arm that supports rotation can easily accommodate this transition, like Desky's Monitor Arms.

However, some monitors are designed to natively support vertical positioning, while others offer an optional stand for those who fancy such an arrangement. The choice, thus, lies in the hands of the user.

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Which Monitors Can Be Made Vertical?

Monitors offerings intrinsic support for vertical positioning usually come equipped with VESA mounts. Panels such as IPS and VA are prime examples of these.

Furthermore, monitors extending support for optional stands can also be made to stand vertically, capitalizing on their inherent flexibility. 

How Do I Make My Non-Vertical Monitor Vertical?

Transitioning a traditional monitor into the vertical layout involves several simple steps:

  1. Click on the Start button and type 'settings'.
  2. Select Settings > System > Display
  3. Opt for a screen orientation from the drop-down list present next to 'Display orientation'.
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With these steps, you can actualize your vertical workspace with ease.


Transitioning a monitor into a vertical orientation can enhance workflow and productivity in different workspaces, accommodating a diverse range of user preferences. Armed with the right information and assistance, one can easily make this switch, snagging the nifty benefits of an ergonomic workspace

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