Are all monitors compatible with desk mounts?

When setting up a work station, questions such as "Are all monitors compatible with desk mounts?" often come up. The quick reply is that, yes, a majority of monitors can easily be installed on a desk mount.

Universally recognized VESA hole patterns are found on the back of most monitors in Australia, contributing to this compatibility. However, for accurate and detailed answers, let's delve into specific sections below.

Do monitor mounts work with all monitors?

Fundamentally, the vast majority of monitors are designed to fit securely on a desk mount. Thanks to the industry-standard VESA hole pattern, the installation process becomes more convenient.

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These hole patterns typically measure either 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm, ensuring they can accommodate a variety of monitor arms.

How do I know if my monitor mount is compatible?

When confirming the compatibility of your monitor with a mount, look out for the characteristic four-hole mounting pattern on the back panel of your monitor. This pattern signifies that your monitor adheres to VESA standards and monitor stand considerations.

However, bear in mind that some monitors are designed with concealed holes, requiring removal of the existing mount or back panel. Consultations with the user manual are therefore vital in such scenarios for the correct guidelines.

How do you know which monitors can be mounted?

Wondering how to identify a mountable monitor? It's significantly simplified by VESA Mount standards, which offer cross-brand interchangeability for monitors and mounts.

To find out whether your monitor fits these standards, look for four screw holes on the back. You can then measure the distance between these holes to determine the appropriate mount size.

What to Look for:

  • Four screw holes on the monitor's back
  • Measure the spacing between these holes
  • Confirm the measurement matches standard VESA distances (75x75mm or 100x100mm)
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What if my monitor does not have mounting holes?

Dealing with a monitor that lacks mounting holes can be perplexing. However, even such screens can be fastened to a monitor mount with the help of an adapter.

Available on the market are numerous VESA adapters, specifically designed for popular manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, and LG OLED, just to name a few.


While ensuring your monitor is mount-compatible may seem daunting at first, adhering to VESA standards and available mount options significantly simplifies the process. By following the checks and advice provided above, you should be well-equipped to confirm if your monitor is truly compatible with desk mounts.

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