How do I optimize my desk space with my monitor?

When it comes to optimizing workspaces, mastering the art of monitor placement is key. As specialists in ergonomic furniture in Australia, we at Desky are ready to guide you on this journey.

Let’s explore some strategies to make the most of your desk space, maintain functionality, and promote better posture.

Maximizing Desk Space: Monitors' Role

Monitors, traditionally, require a significant portion of desk real estate. However, introducing a monitor arm into your setup can be a game-changer.

Monitor arms, like those found in our Monitor Arms, Monitor Stands & Screen Mounts collection, allow for more flexible positioning, including the capability to arrange monitors in a single vertical layout. This results in monitors stacked one above the other, thus freeing up vital horizontal space.

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Our comprehensive Guide on How to Choose The Best Adjustable Monitor Arm can also help you in this process. Understand why monitor arms are so important and how to select the best one to enhance posture.

Steps to Optimize Desk Space

The first step is to evaluate your workspace. Identify areas where unnecessary clutter exists and work towards minimizing it. Opting for wireless accessories can significantly cut down on workspace clutter.

Next, consider underutilized vertical space. Wall shelving or monitor arms can significantly free up desk space. A computer tower stand can help keep the computer tower off the desk entirely.

Ideal Desk Layout for Multiple Monitors and a Laptop

When dealing with a laptop and two monitors, optimizing your desk layout is crucial. Prevailing wisdom suggests placing the laptop centrally with a monitor flanking each side. This setup aids in easily shifting focus between screens, thus enhancing productivity.

What about Keyboard and Mouse Placement?

Ensure that your keyboard and mouse are within easy reach to prevent strain. A keyboard tray could be an excellent investment for maintaining an ergonomic posture.

Desk Organization for a Laptop and Monitor

Creating an ideal desk setup that includes both a laptop and a monitor involves a few simple steps. Primarily, ensure your laptop is at a comfortable viewing height, potentially by using a quality Laptop Stand from Desky.

Position your monitor at an arm's length away, directly in front of you. Prioritize the tools you use most often and ensure they're readily accessible.

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Monitor Settings: An Overlooked Aspect

Beyond physical arrangement, optimizing your monitor settings for brightness, contrast, and text size can significantly enhance your work experience.


Proper desk arrangement contributes significantly to productivity, posture, and the overall work experience. Understand how to optimize your small desk with help from Desky. A decluttered space, optimal monitor placement, and an ergonomic layout assist in making your workspace work for you.

Remember, your workspace is unique; what works for others may not work for you. Explore and experiment with the wealth of options available to create your optimal desk setup.

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