Can you mount any monitor vertically?

Get ready to expand your understanding of adjustable monitor arm usage and monitor orientation. Explore whether you can modify any monitor from a horizontal to a vertical display, and if possible, learn how to achieve it.

Can you make any monitor a vertical monitor?

Yes, transformations of regular monitors into a vertical orientation, also known as portrait mode, are mostly achievable. This largely relies on the mount's ability for vertical rotation.

Most, if not all, modern monitors in Australia have this capability, yet users should be aware that individual monitor model's limitations often govern functionality, leading to a range of user experiences.

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How do you know if a monitor can be vertical?

The deciding factor in determining vertical adjustment potential is the compatibility of your monitor with the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) mount. Monitors compliant with this standard can be used in a vertical orientation.

The reorientation from a horizontal to a vertical display is accomplished via the computer's settings, where the steps may vary slightly for Windows-based platforms. 

How do I mount my monitor vertically?

According to the specifications set forth by Windows operating systems, obtaining a vertical monitor orientation typically entails accessing the Display Settings option by right-clicking on an empty area of your desktop.

In this menu, you can select an orientation for your monitor that enhances object transition between screens

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Is 27 inch monitor too big for vertical?

Technically, large-monitor vertical orientation is possible, but it may lead to discomfort due to the strain it places on the users' necks and shoulders.

A blend of a 61-cm or 68.5-cm vertical display monitor and a larger 68.5-cm  to 81-cm horizontal display monitor is often the preferred arrangement. This combination optimizes versatility and comfort, particularly for users logging long screen hours.


To sum up, most monitors can be pivoted into a vertical orientation, given the stand supports it and it's compatible with a VESA mount. Yet, it's crucial to consider factors like monitor size for maximum user comfort and well-being.

Please note: This advice isn't universally applicable, and individual contexts can vary significantly. Check product specifics or consult with a professional before making big changes. 

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