How much space do you need for a home office desk?

Investing in the right home office desk is crucial, but understanding the space requirements is equally paramount. An ergonomically designed office space can significantly improve productivity.

Let's begin by breaking down the intricacies of these spatial requirements.

Required Space for a Home Office Desk

Determining the exact space needed for a home office desk varies depending on individual needs and room dimensions. A foundational guideline suggests allocating roughly 4.64 square meters per individual.

Such capacity accommodates an office desk and a chair, leaving enough room for smooth mobility. Thus, in an office area of approximately 11.70 square meters, it is feasible to arrange 2-3 working spots, considering the overall layout and the furniture dimensions.

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Minimum Desk Size for a Home Office

Office desk dimensions can vary widely. Depending on the room's layout and your specific requirements, you may be looking at desks ranging from as narrow as 99 cm to as wide as 177.8cm. However, the most sought-after desk width for domestic offices typically aligns around 1200mm.

Importantly, the minimal functional width of your desk should be no less than 58.42cm. This is a common measurement for home office desks in Australia, and it provides sufficient space for most people while also being suitable for professional office settings.

Average Size of a Home Office Desk

Your work requirements and the tools you use most often determine what office desk size would suit you best. If your primary tool is a laptop, a standard 122cm by 61cm desk will suffice.

However, those working in more compact spaces might find that smaller-sized desks measuring 91.4cm by 61cm are just as, if not more, efficient.

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Minimum Space around an Office Desk

Following ergonomic guidelines, it’s prudent to have at least 91.44cm of free space behind each desk. This enables you to roll back on your chair and stand up without any hindrance, promoting healthy movement within your workspace.


Establishing a productive home office relies heavily on selecting the right desk and allowing for enough space. Remember, the space around your desk is as crucial as the desk itself.

The dimensions you ultimately choose should marry functionality with comfort, promoting efficiency and ergonomic health. If you need help on how to set up a workspace at home, you can also check out our Home Office Set Up Guide here.

A suitably sized and well-placed desk can turn a simple room into a productive working environment while also encouraging movement and reducing strain. By taking into account these guidelines, you can ensure a productive and ergonomically sound workspace.

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