How much space do you need for a dual monitor setup?

Create an optimum workspace environment with a dual monitor setup. Effective utilization of the physical spaces at your disposal allows you to create a relaxed, productive atmosphere.

Yet, how much space does a dual-monitor setup require?

Desk Size for Two 27-inch Monitors

Setting up twin 68.5-cm monitors requires a spacious desk to hold them. Consider opting for a desk measuring at least 160 cm.

At this size, twin 68.5-cm monitors can easily fit, with additional space left over for any auxiliary computer devices you may have. Additionally, certain L-shaped desks may provide an attractive and space-saving solution for some users.

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48 Inch Desk: A Good Size for Two Monitors?

A desk measuring between 122 and 152 cm in width generally offers enough space for a typical dual monitor configuration when positioned side by side. Deciphering what size desk you might need for a dual monitor setup will depend on the size of the monitors you intend to use.

Base your selection on precise measurements, ensuring adequate room for both monitors as well as your other workspace needs.

Two Monitors on a 32 Inch Desk

A 81-cm-wide desk, equipped with a depth of 52 cm, can comfortably accommodate double 61-cm monitors, inclusive of other essentials like notepads, pens, and smartphones.

If you're hard-pressed for space, remember that monitor size is a key determining factor when establishing how large your desk should ideally be. It's critical to setup multiple screens on your desk prior to any purchase.

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Setting up Dual Monitors in a confined Space

Struggling with a limited workspace? Use a monitor arm! Positioning your monitors vertically side by side frees up ample desk area, making it an ideal solution for smaller workspaces in Australia.

Display screens tend to be wider in a horizontal orientation, claiming a significant portion of desk space. With a vertical setup, you can have an effective dual monitor arrangement even in smaller settings.


The space required for a dual monitor setup varies significantly based on monitor sizes and desk dimensions. Larger screens demand more space, and by virtue of the desk size, you can achieve a comfortable working environment.

In limited spaces, creative solutions like vertical monitor arrangements can be adopted. Whatever your spatial situation, always strive for a comfortable, functional setup.

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