What is the normal height of a desk?

In response to frequent inquiries regarding the height of a desk, we've compiled this guide to provide clarity and help you find the perfect desk height for an ideal ergonomic workspace.

Factors such as your height, the chair you are using, and your specific workstation setup significantly influence the recommended desk height.

Is 32 inches too tall for a desk?

A vast majority of desks fall within the 76.2 to 81.28cm height bracket. Yet, ergonomics experts often warn that 81.28cm could be a strain for comfortable keyboard use.

It's normal to find this height too high, especially if you're typing for extended periods. There's increased pressure on your wrists, which might lead to discomfort and potential musculoskeletal problems.

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For this reason, incorporating a keyboard tray into your setup becomes paramount. At Desky, we've observed many Australian workers who find the 68.58-cm height of a keyboard tray suitable for alleviating these concerns. This setup makes the keyboard accessible at a lower, more natural position, relieving strain on the wrists.

Is 36 inches too high for a desk?

When considering a desk height of 91.44cm, be aware that this falls above the generally accepted standard of 71.12 to 76.2cm. To enjoy an optimal working environment, your desk height should correspond with the stature of the user.

For a 91.44cm desk, a person who is 172.72 cm to 177.8 cm tall would likely find this arrangement most comfortable, as confirmed by research on workstation ergonomics.

Is 26 inches too low for a desk?

Office desks typically measure between 66 and 76.2cm from the floor, although 71.12 to 73.66cm tends to be common. This height is ideal for individuals whose height ranges from 160cm to 185.42cm.

They could work comfortably at these desks while maintaining proper posture. Above all, remember that desks are not one-size-fits-all. The priority should be to ensure that the desk height permits natural movement of the legs.

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What is the height of a desk for a 6-foot person?

When the desk user is a particularly tall individual - say a 182.88cm - the height parameters must be accordingly adjusted for optimal comfort. A good rule of thumb is to add one inch to the desk space for every three inches of the person's height.

In the case of a 182.88cm tall individual, a 68.58cm desk height should fit just right. For those who find this difficult, our Desky Height Calculator can be a helpful tool.


In summary, the standard height of a desk is as variable as we are diverse in sizes and sitting postures. It typically ranges from 66 to 81cm, but it's critical to align the desk with your unique needs and height. This alignment optimizes comfort, enhances productivity, and minimizes work-related aches and pains.

Remember, your comfort matters as much as your work output, and the height of your desk plays a significant role in achieving this balance. Stay comfortable and productive with a desk that's just the right height. For more guidance on office ergonomics, feel free to explore Desky Australia for your workstation needs.

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