How high should a desk be for FPS games?

If you're an avid FPS gamer, you know how important it is to have a comfortable and ergonomic gaming desk. But how do you find the optimal height for your desk that suits your gaming style and preferences?

In this blog post, we'll explore some factors that affect the ideal desk height for FPS games, such as your own height, posture, chair type, and desk shape.

Optimal Height for FPS Gaming Desks

What should be the height of a gaming desk tailored specifically for FPS games? Different elements must be taken into consideration. Key aspects such as your height, sitting stance, and even type of chair might have a bearing on the equation.

Experts propose an ideal desk height of 71.12cm to 76.2 cm for the majority of users standing 172.72 cm to 177.8 cm tall in a conventional task chair. Unless you're using a saddle seat or perch, you may need to adjust this according to your height.

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Desk Height's Impact on Precision

The implications of proper desk height for gaming abilities, particularly aiming, should be deemed significant. Elevated desk height can require shoulder lifting, leading to potential long-term spinal health issues when sitting for prolonged periods.

Additionally, a heightened desk could impact blood circulation to the arms, resulting in reduced movement speed and aim accuracy.

Perfect Desk Size for Your Gaming Setup

Beyond determining the ideal desk height for FPS games, the desk size you choose can profoundly impact your gaming experience. If you're considering upgrading your gaming space, explore options like high-quality gaming desks.

An example of a classic gaming workspace would be: 152.4 x 76.2 x 76.2 (Width x Depth x Height). Such a setup provides enough room to hold all necessary gaming gear, including a dual monitor arrangement.

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Establishing the Right Desk Height

The right desk height for gaming desk

Factoring in optimal desk height is essential to setting up a workstation that fosters both productivity and comfort. Standard work surfaces stand between 71.12 cm and 76.2 cm high, suitable for individuals 172.72 cm to 177.8 cm tall when seated.

However, those outside this height range may need to make adjustments. Saddle seat or perch users, for instance, require significantly higher work surfaces.


Determining the suitable desk height for FPS games involves a range of factors, including the user's stature, chair type, and chosen gaming equipment. Mindful planning is crucial.

Observing a standard desk height of 71.12cm to 76.2cm could serve most within the 172.72 cm to 177.8 cm range, but this calls for tweaking according to individual specifics. Further, know the importance of desk height on your gaming performance, especially in precision-focused gaming like FPS.

Finally, to ensure a seamless gaming experience, choose a desk size that comfortably accommodates all your gaming devices. One way to foster this is by opting for adjustable sit-stand desks that offer flexibility and adaptability. Through attentive planning and arrangement, you can achieve optimal comfort, health, and gaming performance.

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