How can I hide my desk in a small apartment?
How can I hide my desk in a small apartment? Let's explore stealthy tactics to make your workstation vanish when it's not called into action, even in the most compact living spaces.

How can I hide my desk when not in use?

Several creative methods exist to keep your desk under the radar when out of operation. Consider integrating it with existing furniture. How about a bookcase or a chic sofa? Those furnishings create concealment and serve double-duty in your apartment.

Ample living spaces benefit from a discrete room divider, veiling your workstation and providing you with a unique, private working area. Embellish your space with ornamental items like a flourishing plant to draw eyes away from your desk.

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Where should I put my desk if I have no space?

In cramped quarters, finding space for a desk feels akin to a jigsaw puzzle. Leveraging the available vertical space opens rooms to potential spots. Wall-mounted desks offer flexibility and consume less space.

Tuck-away furniture strategically placed in corners or alcoves turns unused space into productive zones. Choosing multifunctional furniture like a Murphy desk or the Desky Dual Mini Sit Stand Desk can also help you optimize your small space.

This compact and adjustable desk allows you to switch between sitting and standing positions, improving your posture and health. With its robust frame and sleek design, this desk is a perfect study buddy for small spaces.

How can I hide my computer desk?

Computer desks pose more of a challenge due to cables and peripherals. Under-the-table cable management boxes make tangled clusters of wires disappear. Consider transforming a rarely-used cupboard into a bespoke, hidden computer desk.

Go high-tech with pop-up monitor systems that sink your screen into the desk when not in use. For ultimate discretion, opt for wireless peripherals whenever possible to minimise visible tech clutter on your desk.

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How do I set up a desk in a small apartment?

Utilising compact, versatile desks facilitates efficient setups in tiny abodes. Corner standing desks maximise corner spaces and are favourable for their shallow footprint. Australian businesses like Desky provide versatile and stylish options for aspiring work-from-home warriors.

Additionally, factors like desired work surface size, storage requirements, and ergonomic considerations prove vital when arranging your workspace. Harnessing natural lighting also helps create a pleasing, focused work environment.


Successfully integrating a desk into a small apartment requires resourcefulness and a touch of ingenuity. Invisible desks, versatile wall-mounted options, hidden computer desks, and careful space utilisation transform minuscule apartments into efficient work hubs.

Irrespective of the size of your living quarters, it's possible to find a solution that combines functionality, comfort, and a dash of style in your workspace. So go ahead—make space and let creativity thrive.

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