Which direction should my desk face Feng Shui?
For those delving into the harmonising system of Feng Shui, desk placement within your workspace can play a substantial role in amplifying focus and productivity.

What is the best direction to place a desk?

From a Feng Shui perspective, determining your desk orientation ideally hinges on the cardinal points of east-southeast (ESE) or north-northeast (NNE). By strategically placing your workstation in one of these directions, you open avenues to greater concentration, productivity, and overall work efficiency.

According to the tenets of Feng Shui, these sub-directions are known for enhancing mental clarity and invigorating workflow. Aligning your desk with these compass points can create a harmonious workspace that promotes productivity.

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Why ESE or NNE direction?

Orienting your desk towards the east-southeast or north-northeast is believed to enhance receptiveness to positive energy. This energy, synonymously referred to as "Chi" in Feng Shui, can promote better concentration, alertness, and efficiency in your work environment.

Which side should your desk face?

In addition to positioning your desk based on cardinal directions, it is important to consider your direction while seated at your workspace.

For an optimal Feng Shui setup, your desk should be facing the southwest, with you positioned towards the northeast, avoiding any door, window, or balcony directly behind your workspace. This spatial arrangement is thought to improve energy flow and productivity, creating a conducive work environment.

Reason for the Southwest-Northeast setup

This setup aligns with the principle of Feng Shui which believes in harmonizing an individual with their surrounding environment. As a result, when your desk faces southwest and you are turned towards the northeast, it can notably enhance the energy flow and concentration.

What is the commanding position of a desk in feng shui?

Desk positioning for Feng Shui concept

One of the principles of Feng Shui in workspace setups is the commanding position. When seated at your corner standing workstation, you should have a clear view of the door but not be directly in line with it.

This placement, often diagonally across from the door, which is known as the 'kitty corner,' is considered optimal.

Understanding the Concept of Commanding Position

The commanding position concept in Feng Shui is a strategic placement that fosters a sense of security and control while warding off negative energy.

You can achieve this in your workspace by placing your desk diagonally across from the door, allowing you to see anyone entering or leaving without being directly in their path. {{ spec_dual_hardwood_desk }}

Where is the wealth corner of a desk in feng shui?

Your desk's top left corner, viewed as the wealth corner in Feng Shui, calls for special attention. Items such as a green plant, citrine crystals, or a small water feature, when placed in this corner, are known to attract wealth and prosperity.

Significance of the Wealth Corner

In Feng Shui, the top left corner of your desk, or the wealth corner, is considered a vital area to enhance prosperity. Placing specific items like green plants or crystals can serve to attract positive energy, and by extension, wealth and success.

Summarily, adopting Feng Shui principles in the placement of your desk can create a harmonious, productive, and prosperous work environment.

For more detailed information on Feng Shui and its principles, you can visit Feng shui International, a reliable resource on this ancient art of harmonizing with one's surrounding environment.

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