Do laptops run better with external monitor?

Have you ever wondered whether your laptop's performance can be improved by adding an external monitor? Well, you're not the only one.

A multitude of factors contribute to seamless laptop functionality, and understanding them can guide you towards optimizing your workstation. An excellent way to enhance your workspace might be to use two laptops as dual monitors for increased productivity.

Is it better to use an external monitor for a laptop?

Assessing the necessity of an external monitor largely depends on your specific needs and working style. For Australians continually juggling multiple applications or those whose workflow exceeds the bounds of a dual-display setup, an excellent external monitor could be a sound investment.

Interestingly, an external monitor might even assist in boosting your gaming laptop's FPS or performance.

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Does adding a second monitor to my laptop affect its performance?

The impact on your laptop's performance due to an additional monitor largely depends on the type of activities carried out on it. Sources have stated that a secondary display doesn't noticeably affect your laptop's speed, especially when used for low-performance tasks like reading articles.

For instance, it has been observed that external monitors tend to improve laptop gaming performance. However, if you plan to stream media or multitask extensively on the second monitor, expect to see a drop in your laptop's frame-per-second performance.

Laptop and external monitor setup for work

Will having an external monitor slow down your laptop?

The resolution of the external monitor plays a critical role here. If your additional display boasts a higher resolution than your laptop's in-built monitor, expect your GPU to work harder.

More exertion on the GPU can result in slower performance, especially for laptops with onboard GPUs sharing system memory.

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What are the benefits of having a monitor with a laptop?

Supplementing your laptop with an external monitor can make you feel like you're operating a mini desktop. An additional monitor facilitates ergonomic laptop & monitor setups for your WFH desk. This means:

  • Ample screen space for better workflow management.
  • Enhanced multitasking abilities.
  • Optimized ergonomic posture while working.


In conclusion, while the addition of an external monitor may pressure your laptop's GPU slightly, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. From improved multitasking abilities to greater screen real estate, an external monitor could be the solution to enhancing your productivity levels, as long as you understand the implications for your computer's performance.

You might even experience better FPS when playing with an external monitor than with your laptop. Incorporating a high-quality monitor combined with suitable laptop mounts from Desky can improve your workspace ergonomically.

Remember, optimal productivity isn’t solely determined by our laptops' technological capabilities but also depends on designing an ergonomically rich workspace.

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