Desky Integrated Cable & Power Channel

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Compatible with DESKY dual frames
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Full Power up to 8x power points
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Desky Integrated Cable Management

The Desky Integrated Cable and Data Channel gives your cables total protection but allows easy access. With the option to add up to 8 powerpoints, you can power the most complex setup. For those with less power requirements, you can opt for a single power board with 4 powerpoints to suit.

The enclosed design means everything is completely out of sight so your desk is tidy both above and below, with all of your cables consolidated into the easy to access channel. Available in white, matte black and grey. Our most popular desk cable management solution really does top of the ultimate setup. 

**Not suitable for the Desky Single Desk Frames purchased before October 2021 - Choose the Desky Mini Cable Tray instead**

Optional Power Boards (4 plugs) clip directly into the channel for easy access

Allows 2x Plugin Power Boards (8 plugs) on 1200, 1500, 1800 & 200mm Desks

Maintain a clean and clutter free tabletop

Quality design for durability and confidence

Clean and Hidden Cable Management

Cables present one of the biggest risk factors in the office. Badly managed cabling can create trip hazards, or in extreme cases electrical fires. If there's an issue with your machine, unpicking a tangle of cables is not helpful. And besides, nothing looks less professional than untidy wiring cluttering up the floor.

So keeping your cables neat, organised and tidy can keep you safe, and save you a lot of hassle. Our Desk Cable Management Channel seeks to solve all of these problems ... and allows you to add an additional 8 powerpoints to your workstation! So you will have all the plugs you need. And with easy access, you need never untangle a cable again.

Power solutions for your entire setup

Save space and declutter your desktop with Desky's easy to fit cable management design. Featuring cut-out areas that neatly fit multiple power ports will allow you to power up to 8 additional power points. The slim design works well with Elsafe Plugin Power Boards, allowing you to maximise room for any additional cables or other bulky items.

cable management channel



Size Range 1200- 2000mm Desktops
Material Powder-coated Steel
Colour Finishes Matte Black, White, Grey
Weight 5kgs


Powerboards   Suits Elsafe Clip-in powerboards 
1200, 1500, 1800 & 2000mm Desktops Up to 2 x Elsafe Plugin Powerboards (8 Points)
Frame Suits all Dual Series Lifting Frames & Single Frames Purchased After Oct 2021

Desky Integrated Cable & Power Channel
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