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  • Desky In Desk Keypad Controller
  • In Desk Controller touch pad
  • desky in desk controller keypad
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  • Desky In Desk Keypad Controller
  • In Desk Controller touch pad
  • desky in desk controller keypad

Desky In Desk Controller


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Compatible with Dual & L-Shape
Durable Screen Finish
Water resistant
Minimal flush design

Desky In-Desk Controller

The Desky In-Desk Controller is the ideal way to increase the comfort and efficiency of your workspace. With the help of this controller's cutting-edge technology, you can easily change the height of your desk, enabling a smooth transition from a sitting to a standing posture.

Three practical memory presets are included with the In-Desk Controller, allowing you to save your preferred desk height settings for quick and simple modifications. This controller makes it simple to alter positions and maintain maximum comfort throughout the day, whether you're working on a project, participating in a video conference call, or simply needing a break from sitting.

The face of the handset is shielded from water damage by the desk controller's remarkable IPX4 waterproof rating. You are no longer concerned with water or unintentional spills.


desk controller

Spill Resistant

Sleek Aesthetics

Programmable Memory Pre-sets

Smooth and Silent Height Adjustment


Water Spill Resistance: The Desky In-Desk Controller has a water-resistant design, offering protection against minor water exposure and accidental spills.

Convenient Height Adjustment: With an in-desk Controller, you can easily adjust the height of your sit-stand desk with just the touch of a button. This feature allows you to find the perfect height for your desk without having to manually adjust it, saving you time and effort.

Space-Saving Design: An in-desk controller is a great space-saving solution for sit-stand desks. Unlike traditional controllers, it is installed directly into the desk, eliminating the need for additional desk space to accommodate it.

Customizable Settings: Customizable settings that allow you to save your preferred height settings. This feature allows you to easily switch between different heights with just the push of a button, making it perfect for users who frequently alternate between sitting and standing.

Smooth and Silent Height Adjustment: offers seamless transitions between sitting and standing positions with its advanced motor system. Enjoy whisper-quiet adjustments that won't disrupt your workflow or disturb others around you.

Sleek Aesthetics: In-desk controllers are designed to blend seamlessly with your sit-stand desk, providing a sleek and modern look. Its discreet placement within the desk also helps to minimize clutter on your workspace.

RGB LED Controller

Choose your Location

When it comes to choosing the location of the Desky In-Desk Controller, whether on the left (A) or right (B) side, it ultimately depends on your personal preference and workspace setup. Desky will drill the necessary holes for you, ensuring a seamless installation process. Consider factors such as your dominant hand, ease of access, and the layout of your desk. Placing the controller on the left side may be convenient for right-handed individuals, allowing them to easily reach and operate the controls. On the other hand, placing it on the right side may be preferable for left-handed users. Additionally, consider the positioning of other items on your desk, such as monitors or peripherals, to determine the most ergonomic and functional placement for the controller.

Controlling your Desk

in desk  controller
Anti-collision Detection
Programmable Height Limit
3 Preset Ability
Child Locking Prevention
Single Touch
Power Saving Auto-off LED



Dimensions 71mm Diameter, 22mm depth, 65mm cut out size
Colour Finishes Black
Cable Length 2m
Compatibility Desky Dual, Triple and Quad