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Desky Hardwood Desk Tops

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Desky Hardwood Desk Tops

Solid timber desktop
weight rnage
Reinforced with metal bracing
weight capacity
Predrilled threaded inserts
movement speed
Sustainably sourced

Premium Hardwood Timber Desktops

Our  Hardwood desktops are available in Pheasantwood, Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, White Ash and Teak. All are sustainably sourced from Vietnam and features our market leading thickness. Pheasantwood includes an exposed natural edging, while all hardwood tops have their own uniqueness. At 25mm in thickness, your desktop can handle all of the accessories you need.

If you want to make a bold statement, breaking away from received ideas as to how an office should look, then Pheasantwood is the wood for you. It resembles the tail-feathers of pheasants, ranging from a medium to dark brown, to nearly black, with lighter brown contrasting stripes which are enhanced once varnished. Making it beautiful and desirable.

Walnut is a classic and is used in executive office or formal furniture. So if that’s the impression you’re going for, look no further than walnut’s smooth, high gloss, warm brown, luxurious finish. Usually found in traditional, darker interiors, it also provides the perfect contrast to a contemporary office set-up.  

In contrast to walnut, White Oak offers a simple, almost white finish with a tight grain which fits perfectly in today’s minimal workspace. Maybe you don’t want your hardwood desk to be a centerpiece, then choose White Oak and allow its beautiful natural tones to blend perfectly; the epitome of understatement.

Unsurprisingly, Red Oak has an attractive distinct red tinge. And because the open pores in red oak absorb stain, the grain patterns become very evident when a dark stain is used as a finish. It can have a slightly rustic look which may suit a home office if the desk has to double up but depending on the varnish, it’s attractive and unobtrusive, finishing off any design concept nicely.

White Ash is frequently used for both home and office furniture since it completely suits today’s Scandi-aesthetic. Offering beige without any clear markings, you get something utilitarian, durable and pleasantly familiar.

Teak immediately says mid-century and makes a statement about your understanding of retro interiors. A firm favourite with G-plan and Ercol, this hardwood has become a desirable staple in homes and offices everywhere. It has a natural finish and gives an unfussy workspace which cleverly complements both a contemporary white office space or contrasts beautifully with retro garishness.

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hardwood stand up desk

Desktop Specifications

hardwood stand up desktop
Core Material Hardwood
Finish Clear Polyurethane Hard Wearing Finish
Colours Pheasantwood, Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, White Ash, Teak
Standard Sizes 1200 x 750mm, 1500 x 750mm, 1800 x 750mm, 2000 x 750mm
Desktop Thickness 25mm (*each pheasantwood desktop will vary in shape/gradient/slope of the 'Live' desktop edges)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this desktop work for my non Desky frame/furniture?

All our Desky wood desk tops have pre drilled inserts which match up to our Desky Dual frame, while it may be possible to retrofit our table tops onto your existing furniture we cannot guarantee a fit. Please check the specifications or reach our to helpful team.

Can I order a custom size/shape Hardwood desktop?

No, unfortunately our Hardwood desktop range is only available in select sizes and a rectangular shape.

If you would like a custom desktop size/shape we can assist with a premium melamine desktop option. Please contact us via the Contact page or email directly for a quote and more information.

Will these desktops fit the Desky single?

These desktops come with predrilled holes for our dual motor frame. However if you had an electric drill you can secure any frame to this desktop.

Can I get this desktop with an Ergo Edge?

Unfortunately Ergo Edges are not available for our range of Hardwood desktops but we do have specific desktops available with Ergo Edges in a number of colours and finishes.

Is this a Solid Wood desktop or a veneer?

Our Hardwood desktops are made from 100% solid wood and are built to last. The desktop is thicker than most desktops at 25mm and there are metal support braces within the desktop itself to help prevent sagging under load and at longer lengths. 

How durable is Solid Wood?

Solid wood desktops are very durable and will even harden over time. However, being a real wood they are still susceptible to scratches and dents but this is not always a bad thing as it can add to the character of the desktop over time! As part of the ageing process real wood will also get slightly lighter or darker with age.

Is the desktop surface smooth?

Yes, our Hardwood desktops have a smooth, flat surface finish and are coated with a durable polyurethane finish. 

What is the 'Live' edge on the Pheasantwood desktop? Are all the edges the same?

All of our Pheasantwood desktops have a unique front and back 'Live' edge. This means that no two desktops are the same and each edge will have the characteristic undulations of the natural shape of the timber slab it was cut from.

Please note: the edges will vary from square to rounded and each will vary in terms of the slope of the edge and the undulating shape of the edge. The first corner image on the product listing helps to best show how the edge can look