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  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
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  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
  • Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®

Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk

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Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk Matte Black -Desky®
Desky Dual Kids Sit Stand Desk

Height Range of 54-109cm
weight rnage
Weight Capacity of up to 140kg
weight capacity
Moves at 36mm/ second
movement speed
Dual Motor Lifting System

Our Most Adaptable Kids Desk - Built for Growth!

The Desky Dual Kids Desk takes all the great features of our full size desks and packs them into a smaller package: one which could serve your kid through school, right up to university. With seamless, wobble-free transition and our rock solid frame design, a height adjustable desk to protect your child’s posture as they develop into a young adult. 

Standing desks allow for a more active learning experience. A growing body of evidence suggests kids learn more and focus better when standing. Giving them the choice will help their studies, and protect their future health by helping them develop a less sedentary way to study.

Designed with growing kids in mind, the height range allows for school age children right through to college students, in both seated and standing positions. This means your child can develop an active study and work style early in life, and always find the best postural position to protect their growing frame.

With class leading speed, stability and strength, our dual motor system and telescopic frame will ensure their gear remains safe. Super simple controls also ensure that even young kids can operate the kids desk independently, and our ingenious anti collision system will keep them (and your furniture!) safe from harm. 

10 Year Warranty on all parts

Anti Collision System 

BIFMA Certified with child friendly design and materials

Leading stability and strength

Desky Dual Lifting System

Height Range For Kids To Young Adults: Designed to last your child right up until University, the height range is optimised to allow school age children to sit and college aged teens to stand - and everything in between.

Programmable Height Settings: Save the best heights for your kids when seated or standing, and re-program whenever you need with our handy preset function.

Dual Motor Lifting System: Capable of 140kg of lift, concealed motors seamlessly and evenly distribute power, providing total stability in transition.

3 Stage Telescopic Legs: 3-stage telescopic legs provide market leading stability, and conceal the motors - to protect the workings and provide sound insulation.

Leading Transition Speed: Move from sitting to standing in 10 secs or less with 36mm/second travel speed, coupled with super-quiet operation.

Desky® Standing Desk Frames For All Ages

Our small kids desk frames are made with all of the care, obsession and tech we apply to our full size frames. Engineered from the toughest materials, our kids desk frame builds on the exact same principles, and delivers world class stability in use and in operation.

Three stage telescopic legs conceal dual motors, which provide class leading speed, stability in transition, and great lift. Designed with durability and reliability in mind, our engineers have created a frame which will keep performing over many years. 

Slim leg design maximises your under desk space, while widened steel feet maximise the surface area contacting the ground: keeping the desk locked in situ. Our rigid build ensures that the whole construction remains completely stable, while you work, and whenever you need to raise or lower the desk.

bamboo stand up desk cable management solution
small standing desk frame features

Desky® Dual Motor Frames

Our dual motor frames can lift 140kg from seated to standing position in a matter of seconds. Concealed discreetly within the telescopic legs, resulting in a stylish finish and whisper quiet operation.

A motor on each leg ensures stability in movement, so you experience no wobble in transition. And pre-programmable heights allow you to lock in the best positions, and alter at will as your child grows.

Optional Cable Management & Power Solutions for Your Entire Setup

Save space and declutter your desktop with Desky's easy to fit Mini Cable and Power Tray, no tools required and comes with predrilled holes on our mini desktops. Featuring cut-out areas that neatly fit multiple power ports will allow you to power up to 8 additional power points. The slim design works well with Elsafe Plugin Power Boards, allowing you to maximise room for any additional cables or other bulky items.

bamboo stand up desk cable management solution

Controlling your Desk

bamboo desk height controller
anti-collisionAnti-collision Detection
programmable heightProgrammable Height Limit
preset4 Preset Ability
child lockChild Locking Prevention
usb charge portUSB Charge Port Included
single touchSingle Touch
power auto offPower Saving Auto-off LED
no-tools assembly

Tool free Installation! Refer to instructions for easy assembly.

Pre-drilled inserts provide hassle free assembly, meaning no need for additional tools.
Quickly assemble the frame, adjust to pre-drilled inserts and use the provided hex key to tighten.

Dual Kids Desk Assembly

Desky Dual Controller Overview


Lifting System

Height Range 54 - 109cm (with 2.5cm desktop)
Gross Weight 36kg
Travel Speed 36mm per second loaded
Noise Level 40db in motion
Base Width Suits desks 800 - 1800mm
Weight Capacity 140kg

Power Specifications

Input Power 240v
Transformer Power 200W (0.1W on standby)
Cable Management Style Desky Mini Cable and Power Tray recommended 
Hand Controller 4 memory presets
Upper & Lower Limits Yes - Programable by user
Overload Protection Yes
compact standing desk dimensions
compact standing desk dimensions

Desk Top Specifications

Core Material MDF
Finish Melamine Decorative Surface
Colours White or Black
Standard Sizes 800x500mm, 900x500mm, 1000x600mm, 1100x600mm, 1200x750mm, 1500x750mm, 1800x750mm
Desktop Thickness 25mm
Custom Sizes Yes, contact us for custom options

Height Guide

Desk Height

2 yo: 85cm - 105cm Desk Height: 38-51cm
3 yo: 85cm - 105cm Desk Height: 41-53cm
4 yo: 100cm - 125cm Desk Height: 44-58cm
5 yo: 120cm - 130cm Desk Height: 48-58cm
6-8 yo: 120cm - 130cm Desk Height: 48-63cm
8 yo+: 148cm -159cm Desk Height: 53-68cm+

Chair Height

2 yo: 85cm - 105cm Chair Height: 20-25cm
3 yo: 85cm - 105cm Chair Height: 25-29cm
4 yo: 100cm - 125cm Chair Height: 29-34cm
5 yo: 120cm - 130cm Chair Height: 32-34cm
6-8 yo: 120cm - 130cm Chair Height: 32-38cm
8 yo+: 148cm -159cm Chair Height: 38-44cm+
z gaming desk diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

How many motors are in this desk frame?

Although the Desky Dual Mini kids desk is our smallest height adjustable desk, it still comes with our premium Desky Dual sit stand desk frame which utilises two motors.

Does a ‘kids’ desk mean I lose any functionality?

Definitely not! The Desky Dual Kids Desk may be smaller in size but it uses the same motors and control system as our larger Desky Dual sit stand desk range so there is no compromise in quality or function. The only restriction is that the desk frame does not suit all of our under-desk cable management options. For this desk we recommend the Desky Mini Cable Tray.

Can I change to a larger desktop at a later stage?

Yes, you can use this desk frame and change the desktop to a larger size if your workspace or office changes in the future. The Desky Dual Kids desk frame supports desktop lengths from 800mm up to 2000mm.

Should I choose the DESKY Dual over the DESKY Single Sit Stand desk?

In short, the DESKY Dual Sit Stand desks offers a greater weight capacity and height range and better stability at raised heights with dual motors and a 3-stage lifting system. This is ideal for heavier computer setups and those wanting the best sit to stand height range. 

The DESKY Single Sit Stand desk frame is powered by a single electric motor that has an 80kg capacity and height range of 73-123cm. The DESKY Dual Sit Stand desk frame is our premium desk frame powered by a dual motor system with 140kg capacity and best in class height range of 60-125cm.  

Can I order a custom size/colour desktop? I would like a colour you do not have.

Yes, we can help create a desktop size, shape and finish to meet your requirements. We have a wider selection of melamine desktop colour finishes available on request. 

Custom orders may vary in price from our standard size range of desktops and usually require a 7-10 business day lead time. Please contact us via the Contact page or email directly for a quote and more information.

Are there any colour options for this frame?

Yes, we offer this frame in 3 colours: white, matte black and grey. 

Can I get this desktop with an Ergo Edge?

Unfortunately Ergo Edges are not available for these desktops but we do have specific desktops available with Ergo Edges in a number of colours and finishes.

Are there pre-drilled holes in the desktop to help with assembly?

Yes, our Melamine desktops come with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly of the desktop to your desk frame.  You do not need a power drill or tools, simply just a Phillips head screwdriver and the included hex keys.

Can I use my own desktop?

Yes, we offer the same desk frames that we use for all of our height adjustable sit stand desks as frames only so you can use an existing desktop. This is a great option for existing office spaces that have matching cabinetry and furniture. You can view our Sit Stand Desk Frames here

I need a cable hole in the desktop for cable access, can you do this?

We can cut and fit cable access holes with grommets/hole covers in the positions you require to allow easy cable access.  Please contact us via the Contact page or email directly so we can help organise for your desk. This may incur extra time to process your order.

We also have a range of cable management solutions in our Accessories section to organise and tidy cabling and provide a place to install under desk power solutions. We also have on desk power options to make your desk as functional as possible.

How long does it take to assemble?

Assembly will take as little as 30 minutes and each Melamine desktop we supply comes with pre-drilled holes to make assembly as quick as possible without needing any power tools.  You can do this by yourself but we do recommend having two people to turn the desk over when finished assembly.  

For detailed, step by step instructions please watch the assembly video for each desk or refer to the instructions manual included with each desk.

Does the desk have to be plugged in all the time?

We recommend leaving your desk plugged in continuously – the desk has a low draw power supply to help minimise power consumption.