Where should a desk be placed in a room with a window?

In this article, our experts will guide you through the process of optimally arranging your workspace. Because light and positioning significantly affect productivity, understanding where to place your desk in a room with a window becomes key.

Here, we’ll delve into how windows can be used effectively for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Where is the best place to put a desk with a window?

One commonly posed question is where exactly you should place your desk within a light-flooded, window-filled workspace. While many may first opt to place their desk facing the window, this position can often lead to distractions.

An alternative is to choose to put their desk in a position perpendicular to the window. This place provides brightness without distractions.

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Is it good to put a desk in front of a window?

The desire to have a desk in front of a window, allowing for a constant view of the outdoors, can be initially enticing. However, positioning your desk with your back to the window encourages greater productivity.

By doing so, distractions are minimized and visibility problems are reduced, especially on brightly lit days in Australia.

Where to place your desk inside a room with a window

Where is the optimal desk placement in a room?

Your desk plays a central role in your workspace. Therefore, its placement can significantly enhance comfort and productivity. Whether you utilize an L-shaped or straight desk, positioning it against a window can elevate your workspace's ambiance. By doing so, you'll achieve an invigorated and more pleasant workspace.

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Where should a computer be placed in a room with a window?

Your computer's precise location can impact your visual comfort. Many workers rely on screens for the majority of their work duties; thus, it is crucial to position your monitor correctly in relation to the window.

When a window is directly behind your screen, light can entirely envelop your monitor, leading to visual strain. Instead, make sure you are positioned perpendicular to the window, eliminating these issues.


Optimizing workspace setup promotes productivity and well-being. To achieve this, careful consideration of where your desk and computer will be placed in relation to a window is crucial.

Choosing a desk position that minimizes distraction yet embraces natural light, plus considering the effects of various window placements on your computer screen, ensures a comfortable, visually pleasing, and efficient workspace.

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