What is the point of a drafting chair?

Many may wonder, "What is the point of a drafting chair?". Here, we dive into the main highlights and advantages that make ergonomic drafting chairs a fundamental addition to the modern workspace.

Benefits of a Drafting Chair

Essentially designed to pair with higher work surfaces, such as standing desks, drafting chairs offer unparalleled advantages. Three key factors set them apart:

  • Height Adjustability: Allowing users to align with their work surface to maintain a comfortable viewing angle and minimize strain.
  • Footrest: Often an integrated feature, the footrest enhances user stability and position while seated high.
  • Lumbar Support: By providing critical reinforcement to the lower back, drafting chairs promote an ideal seated posture and mitigate back discomfort.
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    Drafting Chair vs Regular Chair

    So how exactly does a drafting chair distinguish itself from a general office chair? Fundamentally, a drafting chair addresses the specifics of working on elevated surfaces, unlike commonplace office chairs.

    Details like height adjustability, foot rest availability, and targeted support for the lumbar region distinguish it from conventional seating solutions.

    Drafting chair for a home office setup

    Drafting Chair and Back Health

    Is a drafting chair better for your back? The answer lies in understanding that any chair's ergonomics directly relate to how we use it. A drafting chair, while designed with specific use cases in mind, should not be mistaken for a panacea for back issues.

    Regardless of whether you're seated high above the ground or at a regular altitude, proper posture and seating habits precede the type of seating. A footrest or support bar, commonly found on drafting chairs, contributes significantly to promoting such healthy habits.

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    Using a Drafting Chair

    Maximizing the benefits of your drafting chair hinges on its correct usage. For optimal seat height, find the lever underneath the right side of the chair and adjust to your comfort.

    The height of the foot ring can be adjusted similarly by loosening the knob attached to it, adjusting as required, and thereafter securing it by tightening the knob again.


    In summation, the utility of drafting chairs lies in their specialized design meant to supplement the use of higher work surfaces like standing desks. Equipped with adjustable heights, footrests, and lumbar support, drafting chairs ensure a more comfortable and posture-friendly work environment.

    While beneficial, remember that good sitting habits and postures are critical for back health, irrespective of the chair type.

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