Should you sit in the corner of an L-shaped desk?

Navigating the complex world of office ergonomics isn't always straightforward. One question that's frequently pondered is, "Should you sit in the corner of an L-shaped desk?".

In our experience as ergonomic specialists at Desky, we've discovered that the answer isn't a simple 'yes' or 'no'. It depends on your workspace layout, the nature of your work, and your personal preference, including how you manage your ergonomic sitting position at your desk.

Can you sit in the corner of an L-shaped desk?

Absolutely, you can! The L-Shaped Desk, doubling as a corner desk, beautifully optimizes your workspace. It's compact, not overpowering the room, and the corner placement adds stability, eliminating the chance of objects falling down the back.
Furthermore, if your office has enough room, this kind of desk offers you the flexibility to break away from traditional alignments. For an alternative approach, pose your desk in a V-shape, facing into the rest of your workspace. Here's why:
  • Wall-side stability and support
  • Efficient use of space
  • Visual engagement with the rest of the room
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Should your desk be in the corner?

Want to make the most out of your workspace? Sitting in the corner of your L-shaped desk may be your answer. By setting up this way, not only will you have your computer on one side, but also ready area on the other for note-taking, filing, and storage.

Using an L-shaped desk in the corner of a room optimises your workflow by creating a defined, separate space for different tasks.

Where should an L-shaped desk be placed?

Where should your L-shaped desk be placed?

Placement contemporary to the room and to the individual’s needs are the crucial factors while determining the position of an L-shaped desk. As per Feng Shui principles, the desk should be situated in a command position at the back of the office, allowing minimal space behind.

Placing your desk in the right position can help harness powerful energy which, when channeled correctly, can lead to increases in productivity.

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What is the best layout for an L-shaped desk?

The 'best layout' for an L-shaped desk varies based on your operating style and preferences. While corner placement is a great option, you could get creative positioning the desk as a V in the middle of the room.

You could also set the desk perpendicular to the wall, supplemented by a bookshelf or shelves along the back wall. This allows for a U-shaped working area which may be appealing if you are looking for more space and accessibility.

  • Corner - For compact areas
  • V-shape - For a more visually engaging layout
  • Perpendicular - For creating a U-shaped workspace


Sitting in the corner of your L-shaped desk is not only possible, but can also be immensely beneficial for you and your working style. It helps in maximizing your working area, optimizing your workflow and, more importantly, can be updated depending on your mood or specific requirement.

The layout of an L-shaped desk depends considerably on the individual’s preference aligning with the space availability: be it the compact corner position, the non-traditional V-shape, or the spacious U-shaped working setup.

Here at Desky, we always strive to enhance your ergonomic experience through our well-designed and highly functional L-shaped desks.

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