Is a monitor shelf worth it?

You might frequently ask yourself about the efficacy of a monitor shelf in your workspace. Is it worth investing in, and does it truly make a significant difference?

Rest assured, this article will answer all pertinent questions, with a specific focus on, "Is a monitor shelf worth it?"

Why Do You Need a Monitor Riser?

One might underestimate the relevance of a monitor riser; however, it plays a pivotal role in maintaining your health and comfort while at work. Suppose you place your monitor flat on the desk. In that case, you're likely leaning into the screen, causing your spine to deviate from its natural position.

A monitor stand proceeds to counter such issues by offering adjustable settings to place the monitor at an optimal position on the desk. This prevents the need for exhaustive hunching and craning of the neck, leading to enhanced comfort and productivity, as supported by MayoClinic.

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Is a Monitor Mount Worth it?

Various people who incorporate monitor arms into their workspace demonstrate an instinctive ergonomic posture in their neck and body, compared to individuals who employ different approaches.

The key features of tilt-adjustability and height-adjustability are highly appraised, particularly the freedom of adjustment. Essentially, a heavy-duty monitor arm equips you with absolute control over your comfort and screen position.

Is a Monitor Arm Better Than a Stand?

Choosing between a monitor arm and a stand might create some confusion. Monitor arms adopt a more streamlined and aesthetic approach compared to a base resting directly on your desk.

For dynamic workspaces- at home or office- monitor arms infuse a heightened sense of security and dependability. They prevent potential mishaps and enhance the overall appearance and maneuverability of your workspace.

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Is it Necessary to Have a Monitor Arm?

Possessing a monitor arm extends beyond removing the screen off your desk or enabling rotation. We often find ourselves adjusting our posture according to our screens, leading to physical discomfort in the long run.

By providing the possibility of adjusting your screen, monitor arms create multiple benefits. It allows for optimal work conditions, exemplifying the necessity of having a monitor arm in your ergonomic workspace.


To summarize, investing in a monitor shelf or arm is extremely beneficial. You can significantly enhance your workspace's ergonomic value, leading to improved posture, optimized comfort, and heightened productivity levels.

As supporting research suggests, your health, comfort, and productivity intertwine, making it vital to establish an ergonomic workspace.

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