How thick should a wood desktop be?

In the field of business and casual workspaces, the details matter significantly. While a comfortable office chair is critical, equally decisive is the substance and thickness of your desk's surface—in this case, a wooden desktop.

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Bringing a Desktop to Life:

One might ask, How thick should I make my desktop? In general consensus, the optimal thickness for most wooden desktops swings between 3.75cm and 3.81 cm.

Other factors to consider could be the desk size and the budget. A thick top exhibits robustness, while the selection of wood as the project material should coincide with your financial considerations.

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Unfolding the PC Desk Dimensions:

For those considering the dimensions of a PC desk, a standard recommendation would suggest a surface of roughly 120cm by 60cm.

With ample interior space for usage, a rectangular top desk can be an ideal choice. Concerning thickness, the golden range skews between 2.79 cm and 6.35 cm. It's a perfect combination of strength and aesthetic appeal.

Making Sense of the Plywood

What is the ideal thickness of a desktop

Another prevalent query our customers often have is: Is 3/4 plywood thick enough for a desk? ¾ plywood is okay for a desk.

However, for a workstation intended for a computer, it might feel a tad thin. Enhancing the thickness and durability by coupling ¾ plywood with 1/4 birch plywood can be beneficial.

Plywood Thickness Selection: 1/2 or 3/4?

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When building a desk, selecting the correct plywood thickness is paramount. Load-bearing portions require more rigidity; therefore, a choice of 1.905cm thickness stands firm.

For elements such as the sides, drawer fronts, and drawer backs, 1.27 cm plywood usually suffices, whereas 1.905cm thickness is generally recommended for drawer bottoms.


Knowing the right thickness for a wooden desktop is a blend of understanding technical aspects and personal preference. From the optimal range of 3.75cm and 3.81 cm, through to the specifics of plywood thickness for different desk parts, making the right choice can maximize your desk's lifespan while optimizing comfort and functionality.

Arm yourself with this knowledge, and you're one step closer to building the perfect desk for your needs. Desky Australia is proud to partner with you on this journey, constantly providing pertinent, up-to-date, and easily applicable information on office ergonomics.

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