Can you turn a regular office chair into a drafting chair?

A question we often encounter at Desky is: "Can a standard office chair be morphed into a drafting chair?"

Whether you're an architect or an artist requiring specific seating alignments, or perhaps a hobbyist seeking comfort during your high desk tasks, the mystery behind the adaptability of office chairs arises regularly. The answer may surprise you.

Understanding Office and Drafting Chairs

Office chairs present themselves as versatile seating solutions, ideal for daily desk-based tasks. Adjustability in height, seat depth, and armrests fine-tunes your comfort during prolonged work sessions.

Conversely, drafting chairs, with their unique features and designs, cater to specialized tasks. Transforming a regular office chair into a drafting chair is a topic that essentially boils down to understanding the structural and design variations between the two.

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Is a Drafting Chair Suitable for a Regular Desk?

Pondering over whether a drafting chair could be utilized at a standard desk is a legitimate question. Individuals frequently desire a drafting chair due to the increased desk surface height meddling with their arm angles and input device (keyboard, mouse) maneuvering.

Common misconception, it would seem. Drafting stools generally serve well with elevated work surfaces, not regular desks, due to their increased height and adjustability features.

The Health Benefits of Drafting Chairs

Amidst the debate between drafting and office chairs, the health aspect cannot be dismissed. Generally, drafting chairs triumph in the comfort department due to their modifiable height and armrest attributes.

Regular office chairs, while adjustable, often fall short by omitting a vital aspect: sufficient lumbar support. Thus, it can be inferred that drafting chairs may prove beneficial to your back health.

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Deciphering Drafting Kits: A Must for Chair Conversion?

A 'drafting kit' plays a pivotal role in correctly understanding chair transformations. Adaptation kits compatible with many of our office chairs in Australia, these 'aiding hands' enable an increase in seat height and introduce a footrest.

This transformation makes ordinary office chairs apt for use at drafting tables and other tall working surfaces.

Our Verdict

While transforming an office chair into a drafting one might not be straightforward, the introduction of a drafting kit makes it possible. Understanding their differences and the actual requirements for high-desk tasks is key to selecting the appropriate chair type. To sum up:

  • Office chairs are versatile, adjustable, and suitable for daily desk-based tasks.
  • Drafting chairs provide specialized comfort, catering to elevated work surfaces.
  • Drafting kits can modify certain office chairs for high-desk tasks.

Choosing the right chair type not only maximizes your productivity but also protects your posture and overall health. However, we strongly advise you to consult an ergonomics expert before proceeding with any significant transformations or modifications to your workstations. At Desky, we're always happy to help you find the perfect ergonomic solutions.

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