Can I ask my job for a standing desk?
In an era where inactive working conditions dominate, there is a burgeoning demand for ergonomic furniture such as height adjustable standing desks. An increasing number of professionals are realizing the health benefits linked to using a standing desk and wondering if they can request one for their work setting.

Is Requesting a Standing Desk at Work Possible?

Yes, initiating the dialogue for a standing desk at the office is not an uphill battle. You may face refusal, but with a balanced argument that underlines the corporate benefits of using sit-stand desks, the scales of decision-making could tilt in your favor.

According to a study by the NIHR, it is evident that standing desks can enhance job performance and worker healthIn fact, chiropractors recommend the use of standing desks. 

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Steps to Petition for a Stand-up Desk at Work

A proper way to go about this would involve scheduling a private meeting with the appropriate authority, where your request will be clearly articulated. Do state your case assertively, characterizing your appeal as the need for a tool to bolster your work efficiency.

The Obligations of Employers Regarding Standing Desks

Legally, employers bear no obligation to supply standing desks merely on employee demand. However, employers should consider the legal implications under OSHA or ADA before outright refusal, especially if the request may help avoid potential injuries with ergonomic, sit stand desks. 

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How to Qualify for a Standing Desk at Work

Alternatively, you may secure a medical statement from your health provider that demonstrates how a standing desk can facilitate your recovery and prevent an exacerbation of your health condition. Your physician, chiropractor, or physiotherapist can provide such documentation.


Navigating the pathway to secure a standing desk at your office is not insurmountable. With a persuasive argument backed by scientific research and possibly medical evidence, your request for a standing desk can be seen as justified.

Ultimately, the significant health and productivity benefits highlighted in this argumentative process could profoundly affect decisions about introducing ergonomic furniture in the workspace.


  • Prepare a well-rounded argument that underscores the universal benefits of standing desks
  • Discuss the request privately with your immediate supervisor or the appropriate authority
  • Present medical documentation, if requested, to support your case

Benefactors should note the critical role ergonomic furniture plays in promoting a healthy and productive work environment. After all, happy, healthy employees are the backbone of any successful business.

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