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  • Ultrawide curved screen monitor arm - black
  • ultrawide heavy duty monitor arm
  • desky heavy duty monitor arm
  • ultrawide screen monitor arm cable management
  • heavy duty monitor arm matte black
  • ultrawide heavy duty monitor screen arm
  • heavy duty monitor mount white
  • ultrawide computer screen mount
  • adjustable monitor arm white
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  • Ultrawide curved screen monitor arm - black
  • ultrawide heavy duty monitor arm
  • desky heavy duty monitor arm
  • ultrawide screen monitor arm cable management
  • heavy duty monitor arm matte black
  • ultrawide heavy duty monitor screen arm
  • heavy duty monitor mount white
  • ultrawide computer screen mount
  • adjustable monitor arm white

Desky Heavy Duty Ultrawide Monitor Arm

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Ultrawide curved screen monitor arm - black
Desky Heavy Duty Ultrawide Monitor Arm

VESA Compatible 75x75mm or 100x100mm
Screen Dimensions17"-49"
Screen Weight Capacity from 2-20kgs
Mount through or clamp to desktop

Desky Ultrawide Monitor Arm

Introducing the Desky Ultrawide Monitor Arm, the ultimate solution for embracing the new trend of larger screens. Designed to securely hold ultrawide and curved monitors up to 49 inches, this monitor arm ensures stability and reliability. The optimized tilting mechanism allows for smoother adjustments, providing you with the perfect viewing angle for work, entertainment, or gaming.

Say goodbye to cumbersome installations with the quick-release VESA plate and topside installation base, making setup a breeze. Effortlessly integrate the monitor arm into any interior style, thanks to the four stylish color options available.

Take your productivity and visual experience to new heights with this strong and sleek monitor arm. Whether you're a professional, creative, or avid gamer, the Desky Ultrawide Monitor Arm promises to enhance your workspace and elevate your large screen experience like never before. Upgrade your setup today and unlock the full potential of your ultrawide display!

Tension Mechanism

Quick Release Vesa Pattern

Cable Clip

Optimized Tilting Structure


High Weight Capacity: Effortlessly reposition large curved or flat monitors weighing up to 20kgs, ensuring stability and flexibility.

Detachable VESA Plate Design: Enjoy easy installation and quick setup, allowing you to attach and detach your monitor effortlessly.

Optimized Tilting Structure: Keep your cables organized and out of sight with our cable clip. This will help reduce desktop clutter for a clean look.

Top Side Installation: The monitor arm installs entirely from above the desk surface, simplifying the setup process and saving valuable desk space.

Sturdy Steel Construction: The gas spring perfectly balances the weight of your screen, making it easy to adjust for viewing comfort. No more feeling like the weight of your monitor is too much for your arm!

In-Built Cable Management

Maintaining organized cables is essential to prevent accidents and to lend a polished look to your workspace. The Desky Heavy Duty Ultrawide Monitor Arm offers a sleek solution with integrated cable management. This feature enables you to neatly guide your cables along the arm, freeing up your desk from clutter and unsightly cable drooping. What's more, the design ensures that you won't encounter any cable snags while adjusting your monitor's position. This grants you the freedom to reposition your monitor effortlessly, without the need to wrestle with cable reorganisation.

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lapto stand cable access

Heavy Duty Tilt Tension Mechanism

The tension mechanism with an optimized tilting structure is an important feature of many monitor arms that allows them to adapt to different screen sizes and weights. This built-in gas spring tension mechanism makes it easy to adjust the height of your monitor, providing optimal viewing comfort for users of different heights or seating positions. With the tension mechanism, you can quickly and easily move your screen to the perfect position without having to adjust the height clamp as you would see in a monitor mount style.

Optional Laptop Mounts

Our VESA compatible laptop stands offer a seamless solution to enhance your workspace productivity and ergonomics. By seamlessly integrating your laptop with your monitor arm, you can align your laptop screen with your monitor, creating a more comfortable and efficient working environment. This not only reduces strain on your neck and eyes but also optimizes screen real estate, allowing for effortless multitasking. With the flexibility to adjust the height, tilt, and rotation, our laptop mounts provide the versatility you need to customize your setup. Experience improved posture, reduced clutter, and enhanced workflow, all while maximizing the potential of your dual-screen workstation with our VESA compatible laptop mounts.

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Material Steel, Plastic, Aluminium
Surface Finish Powder Coating
Colour Matte Black, White
Dimensions 132x558x575mm (5.2"x22"x22.6")

Weight Capacity 2~20kg (4.4lbs~44lbs)
Fit Screen Size 17"-49"
VESA Compatible 100x100mm, 75x75mm
Installation Clamp or through desk
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum screen size the arm can accommodate?

The Desky Heavy Duty Ultrawide Monitor Arm is designed to securely hold monitors up to 49 inches, including large curved screens.

What monitor weights will this hold?

The Desky Dual LED monitor arm will support monitors that weigh up to 8kg.  A gas spring mechanism in the arm works as an adjustable counterbalance to the weight of the monitor for fluid and easy height adjustment. The tension of the arm needs to be adjusted to suit the weight of your monitor.

How far can the monitor arm extend?

The arm can extend up to 473mm (18.6 inches), providing flexibility in adjusting the monitor's position..

What is the suggested desktop thickness for installation?

For the clamp installation, the suggested desktop thickness ranges from 12mm to 50mm. The same applies to the grommet installation.

My monitor arm will not stay at the height I want and keeps moving. How do I fix it?

If your monitor is in the range of 2-20kgs and will not stay in place once fitted to the monitor arm you will need to adjust the tension of the arm’s gas spring. This is an easy fix and will counterbalance the monitor arm weight!  Use the included hex key to adjust the tension control screw on the arm toward the ‘+’ sign to increase tension if your monitor is falling from its set position, or adjust toward the ‘-‘ sign on the arm to reduce tension if your monitor is rising from its set position. 

Is the monitor arm compatible with curved monitors?

Yes, the Desky Heavy Duty Ultrawide Monitor Arm is designed to fit both curved and flat monitors, enhancing its versatility.

Do I have to drill a hole in the desktop to fit the monitor arm? How does it install?

The Desky Heavy Duty Ultrawide Monitor Arm can be fitted to your desktop using the included desk clamp or by drilling a hole in the desktop and using the bolt-through mount to secure the arm directly to the desktop.

I have an iMac, can this monitor arm work?

If you have a VESA adapter for your iMac this monitor arm will work, as long as the model of iMac you have is less than 10kg.  If you do not have an iMac VESA adapter we do have the Desky iMac Monitor Arm that is specifically designed for iMacs.

What is the best ergonomic monitor height/position for me?

You can read our full article on how to setup and position your monitor arm in the most ergonomic position here. In short: 

Height - the ideal height for your monitor is when your eye level is just below the top of the screen. Tilting your head backward or forward can cause neck strain.

Distance - as a general rule, the length of your arm is roughly the distance you want between your eyes and the monitor. This will mean you do not have to crane your neck forward and will help to avoid neck and eye strain.

Can the monitor be locked to prevent it moving if bumped/knocked?

The base of the monitor arm will not move if bolt-mounted to the desktop or if the clamp is tightened correctly. The arm also comes with two rotational joint giving you the option to limit the rotation from 180 degrees to 360 degrees. The monitor tilt adjustment can be tightened so that its position will not change if accidentally knocked.