Desky Directors Give Green Light For Height Adjustable Work Table Acquisition

Today marks the official signing of the deal finalising the long-awaited acquisition of Height Adjustable Work Table by Desky. The news about the sale of Height Adjustable Work Table came out middle last year. This was after information was leaked about boardroom meetings between the two companies. Desky expressed interest in a collaboration with Height Adjustable Work Table as Height Adjustable Work Table had spearheaded breakthroughs in standing desk technology specifically associated with stability and performance.

Leading The Standing Desk Revolution

A company passionate about top quality height adjustable desks and catering to customers’ adjustable needs, Desky was interested in expanding production capacity, incorporating the latest standing desk tech and benefiting from economies of scale within their target market. Desky was therefore working on an expansion strategy, with the aim of targeting the Australian furniture market.

With the goal of improving ergonomics in their standing desk products, Desky hoped to acquire an existing supplier of standing desks and benefit from their expertise in stand up desk production and their research into ergonomic furniture.

One such improvement is the addition of the Desky compact range. With the added help from the new team, Desky went about developing the new line of desks for small spaces. Not everyone has a massive space for a home office, and with the changes in work habits over the last year redesigning our signature dual frame to fit study nooks, narrow spaces and small rooms to service the growing number of people working from home was a no-brainer. On the flip side we also redeveloped desky corner desks for those who need as much desktop space as they can fit!

Height Adjustable Work Table History

Height Adjustable Work Table has been in the market since 2010 and was doing well in many of the areas Desky was interested in. The company had been widening its web across the US market by forming new wholesale furniture connections with office fit-out companies and big box retail chains. Height Adjustable Work Table had also put together an powerful online platform to cater to online customers. Their online community was growing very fast.

Height Adjustable Work Table’s technology is another factor that interested Desky. The company had been enjoying a comfortable lead among the best standing desk sellers in the market. This dominance was attributed to the innovative technology the company had been developing and their cult status within the gaming community with their advanced technology gaming desks. The range of their products is huge, similar to Desky’s and already well known in the market.

"we've constructively cooperated with all management teams to ensure the move strengthens our base. We are very pleased with his complementary acquisition that will help propel us even further in front of the competition when it comes to quality, range, & price. We look forward to welcoming our Height Adjustable Work Table colleagues into our ranks"
  Hayden Adams - Director of Operations

Rock Solid Height Adjustable Desks

Sit Stand Desk Buyers Are The Real Winners!

Through this acquisition, Desky will now become one of the largest standing desk suppliers in Australia. Desky will be one of the largest sit-stand desk companies, dwarfing most of the competition in the market. In this way, Desky will make its presence felt in almost every part of the Australian market and be able to expand their target audience. Our standing desk buying guide for Australia is a testament to the ever expanding range and innovation of our product line.

The biggest gainers with this acquisition are, of course, the standing desk lovers in Australia. Once operations have been streamlined, desk lovers can expect better service and faster product updates. The benefits of the standing desks will also improve with technologies from both companies merging. It will be exciting to see what happens next with products. With the combined resources of both companies, we are certain that Desky will be able to serve more customers and cater to a wider range of customers’ ergonomic needs.

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