single motor vs dual motor standing desk

Choosing between a dual motor or single motor standing desk can be tricky when you're not quite sure what the differences are. The question of which one is better is fairly simple to answer but there are several factors to consider as well as how the desk will work with your current home office setup and personal needs.

The single motor standing desk works with two sensors that detect the number of times the desk motor has revolved and the direction of those revolutions. The sensors send information to the desk control box which is used to monitor the desk height. The dual motor standing desks work in a similar way, but the motors must remain synchronised with one another to keep the desk legs balanced.

We're going to assume you've read our post about manual vs electric desks and have decided the electric models are for you. We've put this article together to help provide some details that will make your decision between a dual or single motor standing desk a bit easier.

Desky Dual vs. Desky Single Sit Stand Desk

Features Desky Single Sit Stand Deck Desky Dual Sit Stand Deck
Motor Single motor Two motors
Adjustable range 73-123cm


Movement speed 38mm/s 36mm/s
Maximum load capacity 80kg 140kg
Warranty 3 years warranty on all parts 10 years warranty on all parts
Suitability Not suitable for users under 170cm (Suitable for 70% of user heights) Suitable for a wider range of users (95% of user heights)


Why do I need a standing desk in the first place?

There are several reasons to consider switching to a stand up desk. Of course, there are the health benefits of standing desks - sit-stand desks can help users stay active throughout the day. 9 hours or more at a desk can be hard on the body, a motorised standing desk allows for different positions that can boost blood flow, creativity, energy and productivity. They also help to relieve strain on core muscle groups that are usually stressed from constant sitting and poor posture.

After deciding to upgrade to a motor standing desk, you'll need to decide which type of electric motor desk to buy.

We'll conquer the single vs dual motor standing desk question and compare various single motor and dual motor standing desk models from Desky's range.

We'll take a brief look at the comparisons of desk characteristics, the features of each desk, and the differences between each motor system. Continue reading for more information on which motor desk will be most suitable for a specific situation.

Desky Dual Sit Stand Desk

Desky's dual motor standing desk is a Dual Sit Stand Desk that's advanced in design and a force to be reckoned with for competitors.

Like all Desky products, the dual motor standing desk features excellent stability at all heights. The desk ranges from 60cm to 125cm with a design proven to work for 95% of users.

The dual motor system with 1 motor to each leg works to raise the desk at a smooth 36mm per second ensuring a 100% flat and stable desktop.

Fun fact, Desky offers a nice variety of desktops to choose from. Our dual motor standing desk can basically be paired with any design scheme and comes in high-quality finishes. woods and desk edge options such as the Desky Dual 120 Sit Stand Desk, perfect for small offices or team collaboration, and the Desky Dual Ergo Edge Sit Stand Desk which can help you maintain optimal posture.

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Desky Single Sit-Stand Desk

Desky's single motor standing desk, the Single Sit Stand Desk, is perfect for a minimalist. It's an affordable option and perfect for someone who is new to a motor standing desk. Desky specifically created these single motor desk designs so that everyone, even people with limited space and resources, can have access to a standing desk. Desky's range of desks are amongst the most affordable on the market.

The single motor desk frame design promotes a stable work station which switches positions for maximum comfort throughout the day and increased productivity.

This standing desk's single motor can carry up to 80kg and easily lifts desk setups.

Although the single motor standing desk does not extend with as much reach as the dual motor standing desk, it has a maximum standing height of 123cm which works for most people standing.

The preset height functions allow for an easy gliding transition between positioning, and the built-in cable management system allows for a clutter-free office space.

Frame Design and Legs

Comparing the design differences of single vs dual motor desks begins with looking at the standing desk frame's motor itself.

On single motor models, there will always be a visible motor or motor cover within the design. Each leg of the desk uses a hex rod driven system that allows the desk to move simultaneously. Hex rods can make the assembly process a bit more complicated than a dual motor models. Both hex rods on a single motor desk must be aligned in order to allow the desk to have balance.

Dual motor models are usually smaller and more sleek because the motors are easier to hide. The motor is commonly found inside a small box at the top of the columns, one motor to each leg.

The Desky Dual Motor Lifting system is effortlessly concealed within the legs of the desk to evenly split power when lifting larger amounts of weight. The concealed system also helps to protect the motor.

The Desky Single Motor Lifting System is mounted to the standing desk frame and leg for balanced distribution across the leg sections.

No matter which desk you choose, single, or dual motor, both desks feature a heavy duty standing desk frame and 2-3 stage telescopic legs, and both desks are leaders in the market for stability and lifting speeds.

Fits A Larger Range Of Users

Both Desky's single and and dual desks are designed to fit most average user heights, but for a wider range of users, the Desky Dual motor system is the best choice.

The dual motor standing desk frame has a larger adjustable range and therefore suits more users with ergonomic sit & stand heights that were designed with a height range optimal for 95% of users. At the minimum height, 60cm, users can comfortably sit with both feet on the ground. At maximum height, (125cm) users can comfortably stand with full access to the desk setup and the dual desk works for even people over 210cm.

Not sure what is the best ergonomic position for your desk and screens? Check out our ergonomic desk height calculator. We built this so you can know for sure you're sitting and standing at the most optimal range for your height. Combine this with our guide of how to sit at a computer correctly and your on your way to a more comfortable, more productive workday.

rubberwood standing desk
Desky Dual Rubberwood Sit Stand Desk

Desky's affordable single lifting system was designed to comfortably suit a seated and standing height range of 70% of all user heights. The minimum seating position is 73cm, which allows most users to comfortably sit with feet firmly on the ground. The maximum seating position of (123cm) is not recommended for users under 170cm but it provides a comfortable standing positions for users over 210cm.

Load Capacity

The dual motor frame lifting capacity is also much stronger than single motor models, providing a gigantic 140kg lifting capacity, compatible with the heaviest monitors on the market. The adjustment speed and load capacity, however, are interconnected and you can expect slightly slower lifting speeds with an increased load.

With a single motor, users will have 80kg of lifting capacity within the standing desk frame, built to carry the weight on the desk with agile speed and stability without compromising the weight loads of desk setup, CPU and monitor. Your choice of single motor or dual often depends on your desktop weight requirements. Two motors will provide better stability for larger loads.


In terms of single motor vs. dual systems, dual motor systems are built with reliable motor frames and designed to conduct faster and quieter transitions. Both dual and single motor models showed high consistency of adjustment speed during testing.

desky softwood stand up desk
Desky Dual Softwood Sit Stand Desk

Desky's dual motor frame provides a constant motor speed, even when loaded to its highest capacity. Adjustment speed and load capacity are not compromised when it comes to Desky's dual motor frames. With a 36mm/second travel speed, standing and sitting height transitions happen easily under 10 seconds. The best part is, the dual desk works with whisper-quiet operation.

The Desky single motor frame works at a speedy 38mm/second travel speed, which allows for sitting and standing transitions in under 18 seconds. Like the dual desk, the single desk also works with whisper-quiet operation. Regardless of motor desk designs and motor systems, Desky prides itself on responsive adjustments and fast transitions for its range of desks.

Controller - UPDATE July 2023

Desky's new dual standing desks come fully equipped with an upgraded in-built bluetooth smart controller rolling out for all leg colours throughout the month. Check out the new controller here.

While the previous model dual controllers work with 4 pre-programmable modes that can still be connected to Bluetooth for a seamless user experience via the bluetooth dongle, the new controller boasts sedentary reminders, voice activation and much more!

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Both motor desks come with a warranty for buyer protection. Desky's dual frame option has a 10 year limited warranty. Purchasers of the single motor standing desk are granted a 3 year limited warranty.

Other Issues To Consider

Motors By Different Brands May Have Different Characteristics

The comparison isn't just between single vs dual motor desks, keep in mind that motors of different brands may have different characteristics. Desky offers clear descriptions of each of their adjustable height desks, but be sure to check specifications while shopping around. It's important to purchase a motor desk that will offer maximum comfort and usability for the user. The load capacity and height range should always be considered.

Cost Difference

Although the dual motor desk option costs more than a single motor desk, the dual cost reflects its extra features, higher weight capacity, and extended warranty.

The single desk is Desky's affordable option, it's a great choice for users on a budget without compromising quality.

desky 120 degree sit stand desk burnished wood finish sat
Desky Dual 120 Sit Stand Desk


Be sure to purchase the desk that supports the weight capacity needed for the desk layout. Heavy-duty equipment may require a dual motor desk. Quality isn't a question when comparing Desky's single vs dual motor standing desks, both are built with industry-standard stability.

Desky's motor standing desks move without compromising the desk layout, so consider what will be on the desk when deciding between single vs dual motor standing desks.

Available Workspace

Perhaps you're short on space, making your new home office setup in a study nook or spare bedroom. The desky dual now comes in a smaller package with the same lifting system - great for people who need desks for small spaces.

Desk Load Capacity and Adjustment Speed May Be Variable

Keep in mind that the load capacity and adjustment speed listed by some manufacturers may not always be exactly accurate.

The best bet is to purchase a desk that offers a consistent adjustment speed as the load is increased. Dual motor desks are better suited for lifting thanks to the two motors and their ability to lift larger amounts of weight on the desk. If you're in need of greater lifting power, the corner desks and our heavy duty frames are also an option

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The Importance Of Warranty

As in most cases, getting a warranty for your sit-stand desk is a smart move. It may be an even smarter move to purchase a quality desk with a longer warranty as this would guarantee the quality of the desk and provide assurance in the event of breakdowns. Single motor standing desks usually have a shorter warranty than dual-motor variants.

Once you're past the warranty period, you may have to fork out extra for any repairs you'll need. If you'll be using your new standing desk and its motors daily, multiple times a day for possibly the next decade, a 10-year warranty on parts may be worth the upgrade to a more expensive desk that will have part replacement covered.

Which To Pick: Single Or Dual Motor?

We can't tell you which desk to buy when it comes to single motor vs dual motor standing desks. The truth is, it's really up to you to consider user heights, desk layout and load, and your ideal transition speed.

As usual, it's all about quality over quantity. When it comes down to single motor vs dual, dual motors are likely to outperform single motor frames as they are most suited for lifting loads.

Going with the Desky dual motor desk if it works for your budget is a great long term investment in your office space backed by our industry leading 10 year warranty. so if customisation and quality is what you're after, the choice is simple.

If you're still unsure, we've done up an in-depth review of the best standing desks in Australia so you can easily compare the range and find the product that best suits your needs!

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