What is the difference between manual and automatic sit stand desks?

Debating between manual and automatic sit-stand desks? Need to comprehend the core differences to make a well-informed decision? Fear not; in this article, we'll guide you through this critical selection by addressing several pivotal questions.

Which is better: manual or electric standing desk?

Choosing between a manual or an electric standing desk primarily depends on your personal requirements and set-up. Yet, several factors favour the electric desk.

If alternating between standing and sitting throughout your day aligns with your work routine or if you have limitations in hand or wrist movement due to conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, electric desks like those we offer in Desky's Height Adjustable Standing Desks range are the preferred choice in Australia, as they simply require a button push to adjust height.

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What is the difference between manual and automatic height adjustable desks?

The prime differential between automatic and manual desks lies in the height adjustment mechanism. By simply pressing a button, an automatic desk lets you alter its elevation, providing a smooth, effortless transition.

On the other hand, manual desks use a hand crank for the same purpose. However, apart from this essential distinction, both of these desk models bear striking resemblance in design and appearance.

Are manual adjustable desks good?

Definitely! Manual adjustable desks can indeed be an excellent choice for many. If your office setup demands specific ergonomic needs or if your budget is shorter than you'd like, manual desks might more adequately fit your needs. They often cost less than their electric counterparts while still offering a fitting solution.

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What is a manual standing desk?

A manual standing desk is a desk equipped with either a crank or pneumatic hand controls that allow you to select your preferred height. These desks are capable of supporting different setups ranging from a sole laptop to elaborate, dual-screen arrangements, offering a tailored solution to fulfill your workspace necessities.


Whether you opt for a manual or automatic sit-stand desk, making an informed decision will ensure you invest in a desk that maximally suits your individual needs.

Considering factors such as ease of use, manual dexterity, budget, and other ergonomic considerations immensely helps in this decision-making process. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance productivity—something that our article on desk productivity explains in more detail—ensuring wellness and supporting your workstation's evolution.

Having illuminated the distinctions between manual and automatic desks, we hope it becomes easier for you to make the appropriate selection for your workspace. Let's promote health, comfort, and productivity by selecting the perfect desk today!

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