What is the difference between a balance board and a wobble board?

Welcome to the world of active sitting and dynamic standing! Today, let's decipher the jigsaw puzzle of balance boards and wobble boards.

Both tools provide incredible benefits, but their functionality has subtle variances. This will pique your interest if you're looking to enhance your fitness regimen or improve your posture and muscle strength while working.

Balance board or Wobble board: Which should you choose?

Striking a balance between complexity and ease of use as a beginner is crucial. You'll find various similarities between balance and wobble boards in the office. They both cater to similar functions aimed at balance improvement and muscle engagement.

However, a wobble board generally presents a more welcoming option for beginners thanks to its shorter rolling length than a balance board, making balance execution easier.

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Are there downsides to the balance board?

For every advantage, there may be potential challenges, and balance boards are no exception. While they hold splendid potential for enhancing posture, back strength, and overall balance, they can pose challenges for individuals with compromised lower limb strength and balance problems.

Particularly, they can present added risk to persons with tender knees, weak ankles, and unstable hips, since the chance of losing balance and falling may increase. 

Purpose of a wobble board in physiotherapy

Difference between a balance and wobble board

Beyond fitness, wobble boards have a valuable place in physiotherapy. Utilized for balance, coordination, athletic training, posture refinement, and fall prevention training, wobble boards offer multidimensional utility.

These circular devices, distinguished by their uneven base, challenge the user's balance, effectively working various muscle groups.

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Does a wobble board assist in weight loss?

We all love multi-tasking tools, don't we? The wobble board earns this accolade! It can aid in weight loss by efficiently burning calories during various exercises. The balance challenge intensifies even basic workouts such as squats, lunges, and planks.

A person could incinerate approximately 300–444 calories an hour, depending on their weight and workout intensity. So, with a wobble board, losing weight and toning your body can go hand in hand.


Whether a balance board will be your best bet or the wobble board is your ideal pick depends on your individual needs and fitness level. Beginners would likely find wobble boards easier to handle, while those with existing lower body issues may need to approach balance boards with caution.

Wobble boards can serve a dual purpose in your fitness regime and physiotherapy, even offering a boost in your weight-loss journey. Both tools aim to improve your balance, coordination, and core strength.

So, go ahead and check out Desky's Bamboo Balance Board that matches your unique needs. Let's not forget that any equipment's effectiveness ultimately lies in its consistent and correct usage.

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