What is better a curved or straight monitor?

Are you grappling with the decision between a curved and a straight monitor? This juncture can be confusing, especially with technological advancements where brand lines blur and features overlap.

To assist in making a more informed decision, let's delve into the benefits and limitations of each monitor style so you can gauge what works best for you.

What are the drawbacks of a curved monitor?

Opting for a curved rather than flat monitor brings distinct pros and cons. Initially, the cost factor could make you briefly pause, as curved monitors command higher prices. Embracing the curve might also require an acclimation phase for users unaccustomed to the new screen geometry.

Complications may appear while mounting curved screens since their distinctive form doesn't always harmonize with standard mounting systems or multi-monitor setups. Notwithstanding, these constraints should not negate the consideration of a curved monitor, given its unique offerings.

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Is there an advantage to a curved monitor?

Curved monitors offer an unparalleled viewing experience; their panoptic design engulfs users in a wealth of information without the need for constant screen adjustments.

Their sweeping vista proves invaluable for multitasking, video editing, or even immersive gaming experiences, thereby transforming the viewing spectrum with an encompassing perspective. The panoramic effect is their primary draw for many customers in Australia.

Are curved or flat screens superior for gaming?

While both flat and curved display monitors boast high-performance gaming capabilities, curved screens offer distinct advantages.

The curvature creates a focused, comfortable viewing field that encompasses more of the player's peripheral vision. This results in a fundamentally immersive gaming experience.

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Are curved monitors more conducive to eye health than flat ones?

When prioritising eye health, curved screens take precedence. Backed by a study from South Korea in 2020, curved monitors impart substantial enhancements in user eye speed and accuracy while mitigating fatigue.


Deciding between a curved or straight monitor largely boils down to personal preferences hinged on specific needs.

While cost and adaptation could prove challenging with curved monitors, their superior viewing experience, advantageous gaming perspective, and scientifically proven eye-health benefits make them a compelling choice. User preferences and needs may vary, so consider all factors carefully when settling on your monitor style.

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