Should I sit higher than my monitor?

In our tech-driven world, ergonomic considerations in workplace settings are of utmost importance. Perception has grown around the question, "Should I sit higher than my monitor?".

As experts in ergonomic furniture from Desky, we've gathered key insights into this crucial topic.

Is it Better to Position Your Monitor Higher / Lower?

Interestingly, having your monitor height adjusted for optimal position is best for your overall comfort and productivity. That optimal position is most often where the top of the monitor is aligned just below your eye level.

This placement allows your gaze to be slightly downward when viewing the screen's center. It is recommended for the monitor to be situated at least 50.8 cm, or about arm’s length away from you. If you are using a larger screen, increase the viewing distance accordingly.

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Proper Monitor Height While Sitting

What's desirable for the monitor positioning when sitting? Aiming to align the top of the screen at eye level is a good benchmark. The placement depends on both your chair and desk height.

Typically, from your seated position, the monitor should be about an arm's length away. This posture will ensure that you maintain a good distance from your screen, whether you are sitting or standing.

Optimal Viewing Distance for a 27 Inch Monitor

Shifts in focus to larger monitors such as 68.5 cm require modifying the viewing distance. For such displays, it's preferable to sit between 1 and 1.2 meters away.

Meanwhile, for those interested in even larger monitors, say for gaming purposes, an 81-cm screen is best viewed from roughly 1.5 meters away. The selection of the viewing distance is dependent on the screen size and the tasks that are being performed.

Risks of Positioning Your Monitor Too High

It's crucial to note the potential health risks of having your monitor placed too high. A misplaced monitor can cause discomfort over time and can contribute to musculoskeletal issues in the shoulder and neck area. This discomfort occurs since looking upward for extended periods strains these areas.

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Common Monitor Positioning Mistakes

Here are some common monitor positioning mistakes:

  1. Placing the monitor too high or too low
  2. Sitting too close or too far away from the screen
  3. Not adjusting the monitor height when switching between sitting and standing


In the world of ergonomics, even seemingly minor adjustments, like the height of your monitor, can significantly impact your comfort and productivity.

As experts in ergonomic office furniture in Australia, we always recommend positioning your monitor in a way that the top is at or slightly below eye level while maintaining a safe viewing distance. This not only provides optimal visibility and concentration but can also prevent long-term posture problems and musculoskeletal issues.

Remember, an optimal workspace layout contributes significantly to your overall wellbeing and performance. And, a big part of this is having the right accessories, like Monitor Arms and/or Monitor Risers from our collection.

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