Is rubberwood furniture good quality?

Many of us wonder, "Is rubberwood furniture good quality?" After all, significant consideration is a necessity when we're choosing a long-lasting piece of furniture for our workspace or home.

This article, carefully curated by Desky Australia's ergonomic furniture experts, aims to answer that question.

Understanding Rubberwood’s Drawbacks

Rubberwood has to contend with some natural drawbacks. Rubberwood, while robust and durable, struggles with an inherent vulnerability to decay. Fungal staining and insect infestations can also create issues.

To prevent this, the wood undergoes vigorous chemical treatments, a factor that some eco-conscious consumers find displeasing.

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Lifespan of Rubberwood Furniture

But keep in mind that rubberwood poses as a hardwood and can offer a significantly longer lifespan compared to other furniture materials, such as bamboo.

Rubberwood furniture, when meticulously cared for, can last up to a remarkable 25 years. This test of time makes an investment in rubberwood furniture a smart decision for those who treasure longevity.

Priced to Perfection: Is Rubberwood Cheap Wood?

When assessing the cost of rubberwood, it’s critical to highlight that rubberwood furniture comes with a more affordable price tag than many other wood furniture options.

Primarily, this is because rubberwood's main use is for latex extraction, making its wood a by-product and significantly cost-effective.

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Is Rubberwood Superior to Engineered Wood?

Is Rubberwood good for office desk

Engineered wood and rubberwood, both popular choices for furniture in Australia, have unique pros and cons. However, rubberwood has an edge because it's made from recycled wood.

This gives it a dense, grainy texture that responds well to kiln drying processes, thus providing better control during manufacturing and, consequently, making rubberwood a preferable option over engineered wood when even considering something as specific as a tabletops.


To conclude, while rubberwood does have its set of challenges, such as needing rigorous chemical treatments for preservation, it also boasts significant advantages.

These include a life expectancy of up to 25 years, cost-effectiveness due to being a by-product of latex extraction, and favourable comparison to engineered wood.

Therefore, when answering the question, "Is rubberwood furniture good quality?", we'd give a resounding yes, particularly if longevity, affordability, and manufacturing control are high on your list of requirements.

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