Is 48 inch desk too small?
Choosing the right desk is essential for a productive and efficient workspace. But there lies a question, "Is a 48-inch desk too small?" We uncover the answers in this comprehensive FAQ.

Is a 48 inch desk big enough?

A 122cm desk is generally considered a standard size and tends to provide ample room for typical office equipment like monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, and even some additional desk space. Size requirements can vary based on one's workspace essentials.

For those requiring more surface area, like multiple monitors, a large mousepad, speakers, and so on, it's valuable to consider the desk's width and depth to ensure it fits your needs.

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What is a good size for a desk?

A functional and comfortable workspace usually features a desk with a width ranging between 122 and 182 cm. A depth of approximately 76.2cm is also popularly preferred, which allows room for various office necessities without being excessively large.

As for height, it commonly varies between 68.58cm and 76.2 cm to accommodate knee and leg space, significantly amplifying comfort during prolonged work durations.

Can I fit two monitors on a 48 inch desk?

Indeed, a 122- to 152-cm wide desk generally accommodates a standard dual monitor setup positioned side by side. This dimension provides sufficient space to comfortably place both monitors without creating a congested workspace.

A well-spaced dual monitor setup is instrumental in optimizing productivity and workflow, emphasizing the importance of desk size.

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What is a good size for a standing desk?

Height-adjustable standing desks are gaining popularity in Australia for their health and productivity benefits. However, selecting an appropriate size is crucial for its effective utilization. For individuals shorter than 162.56cm, a desk adjustable down to at least 58.42cm should suffice.

On the contrary, anyone taller than 198.12 cm must ensure the desk height can be raised to at least 125cm. For example, the Desky Dual Sit Stand Desk, which adjusts up to 125cm, caters to taller users efficiently.


To sum up, whether a 122-cm desk is too small largely depends on individual work requirements and personal comfort. Ensuring the desk meets your needs in terms of width, depth, and height can lead to a conducive and productive workspace.

Select a desk that accommodates your necessities, from dual monitors to additional office accessories. And remember, if you're considering a standing desk, be sure to select a desk that adjusts to a comfortable height. With the correct desk size, you can significantly enhance your work performance and overall office experience.

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