How many calories does a balance board burn at a standing desk?

Standing at your desk, pondering that latest spreadsheet, do you ever imagine the numbers reflected as calories burned? Then, you introduce a balance board under your feet.

Suddenly it's a dual challenge—balance and brainpower—and you might wonder, just how many calories does a balance board burn at a standing desk?

Does standing on a balance board burn calories?

Indeed, standing on a balance board does contribute to calorie burn. A study lends some insight that incorporating a balance board with your regular standing desk routine can marginally boost energy expenditure by more than 19% compared with sitting alone.

These findings suggest an active calorie-burning process while maintaining your normal work flow.

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Are balance boards good for standing desks?

While calculating calorie expenditure, another significant aspect to think about is the health efficiencies of using a balance board at your standing desk. Not only does a balance board intensify calorie burning, but it also accentuates the health gains already associated with standing desks.

Balance boards encourage whole-body movement, muscle activation, and blood circulation, all of which are immensely beneficial for cardiovascular health.

How many calories do you burn at a standing desk?

To determine just how many calories a balance board could burn, we need a comparison.

In engaging a balance board, standing increases from the sedentary 80 calories per hour burn rate of sitting, according to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, to around 88 calories per hour—a slight but not insignificant increase.

Most crucial to note is that this heightened calorie burn occurs during work activities previously considered inactive.

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Is a balance board good for weight loss?

Balance boards may not be explicitly designed for weight loss, but they can undeniably contribute to it. Utilising a balance board involves extensive muscle engagement—both superficial and deep structure—which consequently expedites calorie burning. This efficiently helps, albeit subtly, in weight management.


In conclusion, adding a balance board to your standing desk routine can ignite a host of health benefits, including a subtle rise in calories burned. It additionally stimulates muscle activity and improves cardiovascular health, all while lending a helping hand towards weight management.

While it's clear that a standing desk combined with a balance board is valuable in terms of health benefits and calories burned, it's also important to remember the importance of regular movement and not just rely on standing.

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