How do you make a homemade monitor stand?

In this modern digital age, ergonomics is fast becoming a crucial consideration. It's unthinkable to overlook the essential role of a computer monitor stand.

But what if you do not have access to one or you're struggling to get the right fit? Fear no more! Here we will delve into the details of crafting a custom DIY monitor stand in Australia.

What can I use instead of a monitor stand?

A crafty mind will always find an alternative. So, if a monitor stand is out of reach, fret not. Our digital landscape offers other tools that can fit the bill. Even something as straightforward as a sturdy book or two can serve temporarily as a monitor stand.

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Coincidentally, good old household items such as wooden crates or metal boxes can be of help too. But it is advisable to ensure stability, especially in the case of denser displays.

How do I raise my monitor?

While a monitor riser makes an excellent choice, we have room for diversity here. We can bank on monitor arms or repurposed stands. These are great upgrades from your original monitor stand.

These alternatives, coupled with a proper alignment strategy, can help enhance the setup's ergonomic value.

How do you clamp a monitor stand?

Clamping a monitor stand can be simple, depending on the type of stand. It generally involves aligning your stand with your desired surface, then securing it using the clamp. Ensure the stand is tightly held and stable before attaching your monitor.

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Is it worth getting a monitor stand?

Wrapping your mind around the value of a monitor stand is certainly worth the thought. Such an investment can catapult your workspace into an ergonomic haven.

Having the proper display elevation can bolster your posture, alleviate discomfort, and facilitate the attainment of your productivity goals.


Without a shadow of a doubt, a monitor stand holds immense potential in revolutionizing your workspace, enhancing comfort, and boosting productivity. But what if it's currently not within your reach? With a little creativity, leveraging available alternatives or crafting a homemade monitor stand is certainly possible.

With common household items and proper alignment, you can have a functional, homemade monitor setup that boosts your workspace's ergonomic value. Remember, sometimes, necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

Now that you have a nudge in the right direction, it's time to get crafty and make your workspace more ergonomic!

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