Are ergonomic kneeling chairs good for you?
In a world where office work reigns supreme, the significance of ergonomic furniture, specifically kneeling chairs, is gaining ground rapidly. But are these seating alternatives really beneficial?

What is the downside to kneeling chairs?

While kneeling chairs have gained positive feedback among Australians, they also have certain shortcomings. Traditional seating affords you mobility, enabling the movement of your legs. In contrast, kneeling chairs leave your legs somewhat suspended, limiting significant movement.

Over time, this could potentially cause circulatory issues. These chairs can also exert strain on your knees and shins due to the lack of movement in the kneeling chairs when compared to standing desks.

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Do doctors endorse kneeling chairs?

Yes, in fact, healthcare providers, particularly chiropractors, often suggest the use of kneeling chairs. They opine that these chairs assist in maintaining the natural curve of your spine while reducing discomfort in your lower back.

This implies that you won’t have to endure consistent aches and pains attributable to inappropriate sitting habits, often a choice between standing desks or ergonomic chairs.

Do chiropractors recommend kneeling chairs?

Chiropractors are indeed advocates of kneeling chairs. According to Dr. Matt Cooper, founder of USA Sports Therapy, these furniture pieces rank among the top ergonomic solutions for those whose work revolves around a desk.

Evidently, along with back-friendly office chairs and standing desks, kneeling chairs have etched their place in the realm of ergonomic office gear.

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How long can you sit on a kneeling chair?

Regular use of a kneeling chair tends to train your body to sit upright, improving your posture over time. As you sit unaided, this not only strengthens your core but also fosters back strength.

Taking this into consideration, experts advise allowing breaks in between, ideally every two hours. With a good office chair, the same advice applies. Constant vigilance about these intervals would maximize the benefits of a kneeling chair.


In a nutshell, ergonomic kneeling chairs can be good for you if used correctly. They are affirmed by healthcare professionals and can drastically improve the way you sit.

However, using them requires adherence to guidelines for optimal results, like taking regular breaks and assuming the correct posture. Balancing these aspects will help leverage the benefits while minimising any potential negatives

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