What accessories do I need for gaming?

How do you take your gaming experience to the next level? It's all in the accessories.

This guide will delve into the necessary gaming equipment, prerequisites for gaming, setting up a gaming station, and what to invest in for an optimal gaming experience.

What equipment is required for gaming?

Personal preferences often dictate the selection of gadgets for gaming. Yet, certain hardware is essential. After assembling a gaming system, you'll require a display, a keyboard, and a mouse, whether you choose to purchase these initially with your components or at a later stage.

You may also want to consider other peripherals like monitors, keyboards, mice, headphones. Such choices greatly depend on gamers' personal desires.

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What are gaming necessities?

Your gaming venture relies heavily on specific hardware and non-negotiable accessories. A personalised gaming PC equipped with a robust processor and graphics card lays the groundwork.

Pair this with high-quality display monitors, responsive keyboards, precision mice, and immersive audio headsets for that edge in your gaming encounters.

What do I need for a gaming setup?

The perfect gaming setup is much more than just powerful hardware. It's building an environment that supports and enhances your gaming.

It consists of an ergonomic gaming desk and chair, headset holders, strategically placed lighting, power strips, spacious mouse pads, soundproofing, and efficient cable management. Creating this space will make all the difference in your gaming experience.

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What do I need to buy to start gaming?

Starting your gaming journey? Comprehensive planning goes a long way. Essentials often include an advanced gaming PC, a high-definition monitor, a responsive keyboard and mouse, and an immersive headset.

Optionally, you can improve the environment with a comfort-driven gaming chair, a spacious gaming desk, and gaming controllers. Remember, gaming is not only a technical experience but also a sensory one. 

Read more about how much a good PC will cost in our FAQ article of the same name. Provide your senses with the right tools, and they'll immerse you in your games like never before.


Gaming is more than a pastime; it's an experience that can be significantly improved with the right accessories. From fundamental gadgets like a PC, monitor, keyboard, and mouse to additional extras such as a desk, chair, and soundproofing, every element plays a crucial role.

As you embark on or upgrade your gaming journey, remember that preference leads the way; create a setup that will give you comfort, performance, and ultimately, gaming satisfaction. Here at Desky, we commit to helping you create the perfect gaming environment.

Remember, a true gamer knows that a chance to level up is never to be missed!

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