Is a 40 inch desk good for gaming?
Are you deliberating on the perfect desk size for an optimal gaming experience? We've dug into the specifics to provide comprehensive insights into whether a 40-inch desk is ideal for your gaming needs.

Is a 40-inch desk too small?

Commonly, gaming requires space for multiple monitors, gaming gear, and, of course, the gamer. As such, the question at hand is: is a 101.6cm desk large enough for these requirements?

Most small desks measure less than 101.6cm in width, which can be an ideal fit for compact rooms, dormitories, or apartments. These desks usually serve one monitor setups adequately.

In terms of dimensions, desks sized between 101.6cm to 152.4cm are considered medium. These sizes are the norm and work best in standard sized rooms.

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Is a 40 inch desk big enough for 2 monitors?

For those considering postulating a two monitor setup, it might be valuable to investigate whether a 101.6cm-desk provides sufficient room for comfortable gaming. Utilize a desk that spans approximately 127cm to comfortably accommodate two monitors.

Ideally, you'd want something larger than 127cm, ensuring that there's ample room for other gaming devices and gear. Our Desky Single Sit Stand Gaming Desk as well as the Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk are a favorite in Australia and fit such requirements.

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How long should a PC desk be?

There is no definitive answer to how long a PC desk should be, as it depends on your personal preferences, available space, and ergonomic needs.

However, your desk should provide ample room for peripherals such as your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and leaves some space for other personal items. If you're considering getting a new PC desk, our guide on how to choose a standing desk could be quite insightful.

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How long should a desk be for 2 monitors?

For a setup that will not cramp your style, choose a desk that is at least 139.7cm wide and 76.2cm deep. Such dimensions offer room for the monitors and sufficient arm space, facilitating maintainable, correct posture.

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Clearly, whether a 40-inch desk is adequate for gaming depends on a multitude of factors which include, but aren't restricted to, your gaming setup and the amount of space available in your room.

Most notably, if you intend to utilize two monitors for your gaming, a wider desk, ideally more than 127cm wide, will serve you better. Dimensionally speaking, for an ideal gaming experience, a desk spanning at least 140cm in width and 76.2cm deep is preferable.

Assess your needs, consider your gaming habits, the space in your room, and the amount of gaming gear you use. All are significant factors in deciding if a 40-inch desk is suitable for gaming. Assess and select wisely, because after all, a comfortable gamer is a better gamer.

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