How long should a desk be for 2 people?

Creating a comfortable workspace that facilitates productivity and well-being is essential for office success. Naturally, an essential piece of this puzzle is the office desk. If you're planning for a shared workspace, you may wonder, "How long should a desk be for two people?"

In this post, we delve into this topic, providing crucial measurements for optimal comfort and productivity.

Elucidating Desired Desk Length For Two

Accommodating two people at a single desk introduces new considerations, prime among them being the desk's length. Based on our perspective on recommended standards, a desk length of 198.12cm is suitable for two individuals.

This length ensures that both parties have the room they need to perform tasks simultaneously without disturbing each other. Extra space for storing common desktop items, such as books and stationery, becomes accessible with this size.

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Determining Necessary Desk Length

Calculating the appropriate desk size begins with understanding your specific requirements. While there's a recommended minimum length of 50.8 cm for a computer desk, standard desk lengths usually span between 121.92 cm and 182.88 cm.

Desk width or length is often perceived as the least vital measurement in ergonomic considerations. This perception can change when specific equipment or multiple users are involved, hence the earlier recommendation of 198.12 cm for two users.

Contemplating Desk Size for Dual Monitor Use

Desk size for dual monitor setup

Maintaining an efficient workflow using two monitors demands a wider desk. However, a desk length of 139.7 cm, coupled with a depth of 76.2 cm, can be an ergonomic office setup.

This dimension guarantees ample arm space and ensures proper ergonomic posture, which contributes to increased comfort and overall productivity.

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Delving Into Desk Depth

An important element often overlooked in desk selection is depth. Desk depth affects your comfort and efficiency at work. An optimal range usually exists between 50.8 cm and 76.2 cm, with the most popular choices ranging from 60.96 cm to 76.2 cm.

Desk depth can significantly impact your work, so taking time to define what works for you goes a long way.


In summary, knowing the size of desk necessary can significantly enhance workspace comfort and productivity, especially for shared workspaces. A desk length of 198.12 cm adequately accommodates two people, ensuring seamless cooperation and individual efficiency.

Complement your length consideration with a sit stand desk with a range of up to 125 cm for adjustable settings. Regularly measure and revise these as your needs evolve to maintain your ideal workspace setup. These guidelines, complemented by professional advice, can significantly improve your workspace planning.

For those looking to optimize their shared workspace environment, explore our back-to-back office stations, which are designed to adapt to your collaborative and individual tasks. 

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