How do chairs with adjustable height work?

To ensure a comfortable work setup and prevent health-related complications, incorporating ergonomic office furniture such as height adjustable chairs is essential.

This article will focus on one such necessity: height adjustable chairs. Understanding the mechanics behind ergonomic furniture can empower you to make the most efficient use of it.

How do you Adjust an Adjustable Chair?

Height adjustment for office chairs is a fairly straightforward process. Typically, a lever located under the seat is in charge of controlling it. By pressing and releasing this lever, you can either raise or lower the chair's height to find a comfortable sitting position.

Using well-aligned ergonomic furniture, like our adjustable chairs at Desky Australia, to suit individual stature and workstation setup, can significantly contribute to enhanced productivity and comfort.

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How do you Adjust the Height of a Chair?

Further to this, the fine-tuning of chair height is pivotal for maintaining good posture. To achieve the correct height, first stand in front of the chair. The seating should roughly align with your kneecaps.

When you sit down, your feet should touch the floor completely, and your thighs should rest parallel to the ground. This level of adjustment provides crucial lumbar support, reduces pressure on your thighs, and promotes healthy circulation in your legs.

Why does the Height Adjustable Chair Keep Going Down?

At times, you may notice that your adjustable chair frequently lowers itself, a problem known as 'sinking'. This issue typically arises due to a breakdown in the pneumatic cylinder's sealing mechanism, which maintains the chair height via pressure control.

Over time, wear and tear or damage could compromise the mechanism, leading to the loss of hydraulic fluid or gas, thus causing the chair to 'sink'.

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How do Hydraulics Work on a Chair?

Pneumatic cylinders play a crucial role in managing an office chair's movement. These cylinders use compressed gas, which flows through a chamber to push a piston in a specific direction.

As a result, this force enables the adjustment of the office chair's height. To maintain the movement, it's essential to keep the pneumatic cylinder in good condition, e.g., by regularly checking for signs of wear or leakage.

Benefits of Adjustable Height Chairs

  • Facilitates optimal posture
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Reduces back and neck discomfort
  • Boosts productivity by providing comfort
  • Accommodates various body types and preferences

In Conclusion

A well-adjusted seating option significantly impacts your comfort and overall work performance. Chairs with adjustable height offer versatility and can be tailored to individual needs.

In addition, knowing the basics of how your chair works can help extend its useful life, thereby contributing to greater ergonomic benefit and value for money. Browse the collection of adjustable chairs on Desky today and create a workspace that adapts to your needs.

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